This week sees the release of ‘Don’t Mean to Be Rude’ the third single to be taken from Spoek Mathambo’s irreverent debut Mshini Wam.

‘Don’t Mean to Be Rude’ pitches Mathambo’s fighting talk against the honeyed vocals of Zaki Ibrahim, while a speeded-up dub plays in the background. The accompanying promo video has Mathambo and the devil trapped in a dark basement, engaged in a bizarre game of dice. In the meantime, dancers who could well have come straight out of Aphex Twin’s video for  ‘Windowlicker’ jiggle around them.

The one time member of Playdoe sees himself as a “post-apartheid post-hip hop posterboy”, and Mshini Wam demonstrates a playful form of patriotism with its cacophony of 80s electro, rap, techno, dubstep and Kwaito. Despite being more of a prankster than a preacher, he transforms tribal drums on one of the skits into gunshots, and the title of the album itself is a pun on ‘Umshini Wami’, a national military anthem.

Mathambo is leading the way in the township techno movement – soon all the cool kids will be talking about South African electro.

‘Don’t Mean to Be Rude’ is out now on BBE Records.

Watch the video