Wow. What a weekend! Dancing, releases, incest and stalkers!


Our boys at Friends Records release show for Microkingdom’s Three Compositions of No Jazz LP, due out this month on white or black vinyl. Microkingdom is a psychosonic curatorial adventure led by Dr. Will Redman (percussion) and Marc Miller (OXES) (guitar), and usually John Dierker (reeds). The music exists in both the acoustic and electro-acoustic realms. They specialize in zone variance of extra-cognitive spiritual magnetism, or No Jazz. It is transbehavioral, multivalent, history-dependent composition. Three Compositions of No Jazz was mastered by Bob Weston.

also playing Smoker and The Rollers…


One of our fav dance parties of the month in on SAT for Jan.

In celebration of the birth of Matthew, Curt, and John what started as curtfest, turned to CurtDongFest, which then changed to DijaDongfest is now simply INCESTFEST! Incest-fest is a band friend crossover head on collision were about 22 people will perform in the following bands.

Rare Candy
The Motorettes
The Mandriods
Thee Lexington Arrows
Young Jaguars
Geisha Lightning
and AK Slaughter