Hello to you out there in Gutter World!
It has been a long time, but please don’t worry everyone has to go on sabbatical…. or hit up rehab.
To ease on back into the world of Gutter, I thought I’d take easy on this and throw some recommendations for some fabulous documentaries which I have been privy to as of late.


To be honest this had to be one of the least informative documentaries I have ever seen. Sure it informed us a bit about The Doors and a smidge about their lead singer, Mr. Jim Morrison, but it seemed to be an almost basic overview which meant that real fans had to be left feeling a bit cheated— at least I did.
“Why bother recommending it, Ms. Gore Whore”
“Well class I’ll tell ya, most of the music featured throughout the film is from my favorite album: Waiting For the Sun.

This strange and rather unsettling gem is something I sadly missed 3 Maryland Film Festivals and hadn’t stopped kicking myself over ’til, lo and behold, it popped up on Netflix Watch Now! I’m sure that after viewing this you will come up with the same conclusion as I: If Tiffany still has crazy stalk—er, fans like these two then what kind of wackos are following relevant celebs around?

There has been a lot of hullabaloo on whether this particular documentary is real or a big ol’ phony and I am here to tell you that its real. Don’t bother trying to argue with me or sway me, because I will slap you. I will admit that the trailer for the film is indeed misleading; making it seem like a “horror” documentary and not what it truly is: a sad story of an incredibly lonely and disturbed woman. I applaud the filmmakers for handling this film the way they did, because they could have sliced and diced this woman until there was nothing left except her Facebook account.

Any of you who are reading this has probably already seen this documentary, but for those of you who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon YOU MUST! It does tend to drag in certain areas and at certain times I wanted to strangle George Hardy so he’d shut up, but other than that it is quite the fun and informative.

As a lover of exploitation cinema this doc was nothing new to me, but for those of you who aren’t as cultured as myself this is the perfect film to watch to inform you on some classic sleaze.

There ya go boils and ghouls, one of your Gore Whore’s patented meuvie recommendation ramblings. I hope that you enjoy these meuvies as much as I did!

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