“…If you hear a little voice in the back of your head that’s me and I’ll be screaming…” Andrew, Ideals’ frontman warns, displaying all the sentimental and melancholic tones he can muster. There’s a curse when it comes to imitating the sounds of Joy Division, White Lies or Interpol, on one hand, you’ll be skyrocketed to success faster than Kerry Katona in an Iceland chicken aisle, on the other, you’ll be labelled as dreary and more depressing than anything Nick Clegg may be proposing. Unlike the latter, Ideals seem to have got something right.

‘Significant Other’ is more Robinson’s Concentrated than Tropicana Freshly Squeezed but that’s not a bad thing. There’s disappointment (“if you’re falling down the street in your see-through dress”), love (“I’m your significant other”) and determination (I’ve got spirit and it feels all the same)- like a Tesco sale, Ideals seem to cover many things.  It’s pretty much straightforward alternative too, there’s The National (the static, ‘Mistaken for Strangers’ drum patterns that fall more unpredictably than  Lady Gaga’s next fashion choice), White Lies (the build-ups that reflect that sense of divine realisation that Bono or Kanye might feel) and Interpol (the moderate ‘Obstacle 1’ guitar progressions that drone repetitively like gentle rainfall).

‘Significant Other’ is a polished track that showcases a band that’s good at what they’re attempting, however there’s no area for innovation. If they were to have a photo, they’d be standing against a cold and gloomy backdrop, staring forlornly into the camera wrapped up in trench coats…yes, you know the one.

Significant Other is out on 21st of February on Intruder Records.

Listen to the track here.