The doings of the local “leak” site Baltileaks has caught the eye of someone in Wikileaks organization (though we were alerted and included in a tweet from DHO) who is NOT the person writing this series).
Needless to say, the Man from Wikileaks is not too happy. The thing is, there’s not a lot of leakin’ goin’ on. What seems to be going on though, is some sort of political agenda accented with typed hystronics pointing journalists to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blakes’ campaign contributions esp. a few Russians, which BTW is what caught the eye of the Wikipeeps who reached out to us. Yeah. Us. We know. But who knows why people do what they do, right?
Our theory? Personally? These people are working in some capacity with another mayoral campaign as there’s also a “leaked” read: RESEARCHED piece about another mayoral contender, Carl Stokes.
In the spirit of transparency, we’re posting his findings as they happen:

Take it Wikipeep:
Wikipeep: For whistle blowing sites like Wikileaks and Openleaks to survive, there needs to be hundreds of us out there. The issue I see with BaltiLeaks is that they have yet to display any real accountability towards keeping the names of leakers confidential. This will only be tested when someone is willing to share information with BaltiLeaks that truly tests their security and accountability. The ‘leaks’ I see now is chump change. I also believe that shadowing Wikileaks model of receiving the files and releasing it themselves as if they were a news organization is a dangerous mistake.
NYT and Guardian UK have already thrown Julian and Wikileaks under the bus after the files dried up.”
I went through the Baltileak files here is my analysis:

Baltileaks has not released anything that is not already out there. They are classifying the files as ‘LEAKS’ when in reality they are already published by the city AKA
BL is drumming up this scheme because they have no real base of ‘leaked’ information whatsoever. With building up a fake trust with the public with the hopes that some sucker will see the previous “LEAKS” as guarded informants.
BL tweeted back to DHO ( after they knew there gig was up. They could either been seen as unreliable with anonymity or to be shown at playing it safe for ‘right now’.
Now their tweets don’t say “LEAKED” but rather “CONTRIBUTED”, they are like a Pink Floyd cover band at this point, yea it sounds nice buts it’s not the same.

I’ll get back to you with more. Peace.

And that’s it for now. Stay tuned for details.

So no, there is no leak at the mayor’s office. They have yet to be trusted.