It’s our Music Monday wrap up! Black Josh reviews SHAD, MZ Streamz is coming on Thursday and TT The Artist drops a Bmore Club collab single. Both the Sun and Friends Records reports in from SXSW.


It’s funny and strange how I come across music sometimes, whether it’s me browsing on your favorite blogs, meeting up with emcees at different hip hop shows and functions or simply just at work and a new artist comes on a televised screen that Ive never heard before, but first impressions always count so. I came across this Canadians emcee named “Shad” music at the work place a couple weeks ago, and immediately i needed to find out more info and material about this talented emcee that resides in Ontario, what drew me in to this emcee is his music video “Rose Garden” and the concept and the message of the song, made me put him in the category of the likes of BLU, Common, Buff1, that shared modesty and honesty on wax. Which brings us to Shad’s third album release entitled “TSOL” that was released May of last year, and I’m just hearing about this emcee now(shame on me), that’s on the label Black Box Recordings/Decon.

What impressed me about this album more than the production was Shad’s writing ability, you can clearly listen and notice that every line that he jotted was very important to him, and there was no filler once so ever, and i wish more emcees took the time to work on there craft more as far as dabbling with word pattern and schemes, punchlines etc with less filler combining it to one and having it make actual sense. On the fierce battle rap :”Yaa I Get It” Shad attacks the snares with opening lines like “Maybe I’m not big cause i don’t blog, or twitter…dog!! I’m bitter” in sense its a line that’s stating that he doesn’t need the social network to help him make moves even though its a reliable tool for upcoming and established artists. “Telephone” shows Shad using mobile references that we here on a daily bases like drop calls, tone, attachments, off the hook etc. “Keep Shining” is a conceptual song that finds Shad paying homage to the women that played a role in his life. On the list name drop “Listen” Shad gives his audience a closer insight to what he listens to on a daily and is trying to steer people in the opposite direction of lack of substance and meaning that music fails to have today in some cases. As www.potholesinmyblog.comsaid this album is filled with “pop culture junkie metaphors, rhymes inside rhymes, and totally bonker quotables.” Who say’s there’s no talent or good music outside of the U.S. honestly Canada is home of some of the dopest spitters from K-os, Bless, Eternia, and Buck-65, TSOL’s density is filled with golden era boom bap, samples on and drums on certain tracks are well chopped up a mix of good prominence and turntablism (we need more of that).

Rose Garden:

Yaa i Get It:

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Our ca$h is on Bmore’s hottest new female MC, Mz Streamz. She’s def the one to watch in ’11. Think we’re kidding? Then come check her out this Thursday. U’ll see!

Here’ a taste. Her new single, Go Go Girls (Go DMV):
Mz Streamz Go Go Girls (GO DMV) by milkcratenyc

TT The Artist & DJ Pierre drops Bang With Me:

This joint is off of his new mixtape titled “ThEEE MiXtApEEE” coming out next month. This mixtape will feature all original Bmore Club tracks.

You Don’t Bang Wit Me(Produced by Dj Pierre) by tttheartist

Friends Records (Lands & Peoples and Secret Mountains) invades SXSW:

New Secret Mountains: “Weepy Little Fingers”
Secret Mountains – Weepy Little Fingers by friendsrecords

Can Bmore rock a Fest like Austin? What’s Sam Sessa say?

(photo copyright Kelly West, Austin American Statesman / March 19, 2011)

“…This poses the question: What made Austin such a hub for live music, and how does the city government help keep it that way? And what can Baltimore, which has in recent years been praised as a home for experimental bands, do to be a more music-friendly city?”-Sam Sessa, the Baltimore Sun. READ MORE