London-based indie rock outfit Deep Cut are set to release Disorientation in September, the follow-up to their 2009 debut My Thoughts Light Fires. Guitarist Mat Flint, who previously played bass guitar for Death In Vegas between 1996-2005, as well as singing and playing guitar for Revolver, spoke exclusively to Gutter.

Who or what initially inspired you to make music?

My parents always played a lot of music when we were kids. Lots of Beatles, and Abba! I was very interested, to the point of obsession, with the charts. I used to religiously listen to the top 40 every week, taping it and writing it down in this little book I had. And then I used to make my own versions of the charts, with my own made up bands in. I think Flinticus were pretty much always in the top ten!

How would you describe Deep Cut’s sound?

21st century psychedelic pop music. Trippy but melodic, alternative guitar music with a twist.

After a lukewarm reception of your debut, was it difficult to solider on with the follow-up?

Lukewarm implies that people heard it and didn’t like it. Which isn’t the case. It’s more accurate to say that hardly anyone heard it – it had no promotion at all. Those few people that did hear it really seemed to like it. And we have got much better promotion this time round – hence interviews like these! But no it wasn’t difficult to get motivated. We started it straight away, we had so many songs so quickly, it almost made itself.

How does Disorientation differ to My Thoughts Light Fires? And were you conscious of this when writing/recording?

Just better songs, more variation, and more space. Still intense, but more room in the music. The first one was quite claustrophobic – this one has more air. Yeah we knew the songs were better as we were doing them… We were making the kind of stuff we would like to listen to, if it wasn’t by us, if you know what I mean.

What do you strive to bring to a live show?

Hopefully good songs, good vibes, with energy and a bit of attitude.

Being a band that consists of a husband, wife, and a brother and brother in law, how difficult can that get?!

It’s OK, actually, as we’re all best friends.  We don’t fall out. Yet!

What do you hope Disorientation will do for Deep Cut?

It would be nice if it sold a million! But I just hope that some people like it really. I’m convinced that those people who like bands like the Horrors, the Duke Spirit, Black Rebel, and the BJM would like Disorientation if they got to hear it.

Disorientation is out on 5th of September on Club AC30 Records. The album launch party is on 7th of September at Electricity Showrooms.