Michael Flack

Despite hailing from LA, Daedelus shows his European influences right from his Greek mythology-inspired stage name to the Victorian tailcoats he wears. With his trademark Monome device in tow and a new mirror-based backdrop titled ‘Archimedes’, Daedelus treated a devout KOKO crowd to a relentless 75 minute set. The first half of the set went by with particular vigour, with an adrenaline-boosting high BPM that eschewed the sample-based tunes on his albums for heart-pounding energy. Despite the fact he is mostly just pressing buttons Daedelus still proffered more liveliness than your average DJ/producer, shimmying and head-banging as he tapped out an enchanting rhythm on his Monome box. An unsatisfactory flipside of this was the lack of variety in tempo and the subtlety in the set; everything seemed to be cranked up to the maximum.

Particular mention must also go to his Archimedes AV set up. This KOKO show was its European debut and it certainly added a stirring dimension to Daedelus’ performance. A mechanised wall of moving mirrors and twisting lights that move in time to the music, one can easily get lost in its dazzling rhythm and movements, as lights reflect off the mirror and come at you from all angles. It is a welcome re-imagination of the stage lighting that is central to the enjoyment of the performance of electronic music.