Laura McKinnon

The lights went up, the dubstep started and the buzz in the room was tangible as the first outfit from Obscure Couture’s new collection, “Us vs Them”, swaggered its way down the catwalk at Brown’s Courtrooms. Stopping at the end of the runway and turning on the flashing bulbs the first Obscure girl pointed to the back of her neon pink knit, the words “Fuck You” woven in. This image pretty much sums up the attitude which was delivered throughout the show, with statements such as “Too Cool To Swedge” and “What you looking at?” emblazoned on fluoro micro shorts and crop tops that showed everything from the nipple down. The clingy leather cigarette pants and the metallic bras would be at home on any stage or in any noteworthy club; it’s fearless fashion, without boundaries.

The Obscure Couture vibe for S/S ’12 is sprayed-on metallic neon, eye-popping tartan and decadent heels, decorated with bows, glitter and frayed leather – it’s two fingers up to the sophistication that seems to be dominating most of the catwalks. It’s about time more designers got a bit tongue ‘n cheeky, as of late there’s been a bit too much drab, and not enough fab. The reaction of the crowd spoke volumes for this opinion; not one to snide another’s work, but the atmosphere was nowhere near as electric for the first few designers as for the Obscure team. As each new piece stomped from behind the curtains the appreciative comments came from every row and the cameras in the pit were working overtime trying to capture the downright mischievousness of the clothes.

The girls behind the brand, Lyndsay Pagan and Jennifer Coyle, embody the Obscure Couture image, both with enigmatic style and even more enigmatic personalities. Spending a few hours in their company you can understand that the outrageous designs are no gimmick, they’re a passion and a lifestyle. Witnessing designers first hand who are having fun with their clothes (green and pink fluorescent bodycon dresses are indeed not for the faint hearted) is a beautiful thing, especially in the current fashion climate of lady-like cinched waists and androgynous tailoring (god forbid a return to the twin set!)

Obscure’s ready to wear line ( which can be found on ASOS marketplace) is less stage and more day-to-day attitude, but with no less punch. Definitely ones to watch for next season, these girls are a bright spark in a dark room. I personally have my eye on the Fibula neon pink maxi skirt.

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