One of our favorite stores in Bmore is Cult Clothing, a design collective on Charles St. and they are in the process of turning their scrappy store into a fully functioning fashion brand.
The Cult crew have started a kickstarter page that is pretty dope. If you got some extra guap in-between the couch cushions or the car seat, hook these bruthas up.
“We are C U L T, a Baltimore based Design House. We design graphics which we hand screen onto an assortment of garments/objects such as t shirts, sweaters, and jackets (primarily leather and denim). We transform vintage pieces into new garments with sharp prints and details. We are sustainable, in that we waste no materials and all products are made in house.” -Cult Clothing

So do something fashion forward this weekend. Help the scene by dropping a few bucks into a local business.
Sound good? Here’s a few samples of their work: