With the New Year, we’re launching some new stuff just for you. We’ll be expanding our popular “Yappin’ with” column, featuring more international and local fashion and bringing you a New Music Monday post once a week.
Hope you like, we have some HUGE parties coming up, so stick around.

For our MM first post, we’re going to load y’all up with some local musicians who are doin’ great things in the New Year.
First up is Alexander Trust.
AT is an electronic music producer living in Baltimore. Drawing inspiration from the skewed beats of early Warp Records artists, an interest in medium format photography, and a fascination with found sound Trust produces tracks that inhabit a world driven by hectic percussion and ethereal melodies. Dig:

Next up is Bounge, AKA Rebecca Drumm.
Bounge, 21, has made some headway on the European Dance scene and, in our opinion, is the genuine article. You never see her diva’ing it on the FBs, hear her bitch about other musicians or get all haughty. She just wants you to hear her music, which is produced in a tiny basement BTW:

Slave to the Beat by Bounge

My lover is my Laptop by Bounge

Finally, we have a cross-over artist. Abdu Ali is better known for his amazing fashion blog, Eatonthis.com. This year though, he’s dipping his impeccable pedicured toes in the music industry with this Bangee Music project. The raging first track is from his new collab with DJ Schwarz as part of the album-in-progress titled Invictus. “Invictus, embraces identity, being an individual, culture, and living life to the fullest with no mercy. It will be a musical blend of hip hop, house, to Baltimore Club. With this Ep, I want to connect to many people letting them know it’s ok to embrace who you are, live out side the box, and being as different as you want to be!”

BANJEE MUSIC by EatOnThis.com