Ahead of his debut at E Villa, a dance club that’s on the cusp of greatness (think we’re kidding? Raise your hand if you went to the chocolate party and the awesome Morgan Geist show last week), international DJ Andrew Grant took a sec to fill us in on what he plans to do on Sat. night upon his return to Bmore. Check it:

Gutter: You’re originally from Baltimore, but you live in Spain now – correct? Can you tell us about how you got there and what made you want to stay?
Andrew Grant: About 10 years ago I came to [Spain] to find out more about electronic music in general. Everything I read at the time pointed to Ibiza. I stayed in Europe because I found a wider audience for underground music and enjoy the ease of travel to other countries.

G: We understand you have new releases coming up on My Favorite Robot, Surface, Kindisch and others. Can you talk a little about the music you have in the pipeline?
AG: Yes. Lomez and myself got deep in the studio in the fall of 2011. The MFR release should be good because it’s a mix of many styles in one. Kindisch is one track that will be on a compilation and the EP for Surface is special too because Lomez and myself were able to work with Halo, who we both respect a great deal.

G: You’re a resident at Circoloco in Ibiza every summer, which is regarded as one of the strongest brands in dance music. What do you recommend for people from Baltimore who may want to visit Ibiza? Tell us a bit about your travel guide.
AG: I would say come to party since it´s known as “party island”, there are many beaches and wonderful landscapes to see also, I mean you are right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea — amongst the Balearic Islands, so you can’t go wrong. Everyone from Paris Hilton, to Puff Daddy, to the Prince of Arabia was partying in the club this year.

G: You played lacrosse at Salisbury and went on to win a NCAA championship, you then went on to coach lacrosse in the UK? Do you still follow lacrosse?
AG: Yes I am still a member of tight knit family and support the cause when I can.

G: Who are some of your biggest influences as a DJ? Your favorites?
AG: Grandmaster Flash to Francios K…

G: We understand that you’re back in the US now, not only to play this gig at E-Villa, but also at the WMC – which parties are you playing at the WMC? Which other artists will be performing?
AG: Miami will be My Favorite Robot party with Lomez, Who Made Who, Nitin and Droog amongst others and of course the Circoloco@Surfcomber with Maceo Plex, Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Art Department, Tale Of Us and many many more…

G: Anything else you’d like to add?
AG: Dim Neon Sum is the next big thing from Baltimore… you heard it here first.

See u on Sat! https://www.facebook.com/events/397101483638815/