photography by Christopher Myers

We look forward to the Spring for many reasons. Tulips, Maryland Film Fest (more on that later), tulips, MICA’s two day end of the year fashion shows and tulips :).

This year, the students of MICA absolutely dazzled with their creativity and designs that seemed to float down the runway.
Think we’re kidding? Take a look for yourselves.
Lets get started:
First up is a selection from the MICA benefit show. The designers are:
Erik Clark and Amelia Stinnette
Allina Liu
Samantha Bloom
Michelle Kim
Evyn Fong and Kurina Sohn
Olivia Taliaferro

The following week saw the Milquetoast Experimental Fashion finals.

photos by Josh Sisk
The designers are:
Stephanie Santos
Giovanni Flores
Alexz Giocobbe & Jess Marx
Jacqueline Wadowski
Katherine Weintraub & Anna Strain
Georgia Caroline Milton