SHY&DRS are twin brothers, Mark and Darren Scott; a Scottish Hip Pop Band from Aberdeen who have gone from rapping along to D12 in their bedrooms, to over 100,ooo hits on YouTube.

I spoke exclusively to Darren Scott to find out about rapping Scots-style, working with D12 and their forthcoming debut album . . .

You’re Not A Hip Hop Band But A Hip Pop Band, What Makes It Different?

Well basically it’s not the same sort of hip hop that you’d hear on the radio today;  it’s not all about showing off or using all this slugger talk. It’s different first of all cause of the accent and because of the different sort of things we rap about; it’s just about everyday things not what other hip hop artists are rapping about.

How Long Have SHY&DRS Been A Band?                                                       

We’ve been a band for about 13 years we first started making music together in 1999. We started out just mucking around in our bedrooms; we were both fans of hip hop and Eminem and we started rapping as a hobby and it grew from there. We started posting music on YouTube which was a major help for us getting noticed.

What Artists Influence Your Music?

We grew up listening to a lot of Eminem and D12 and we had the opportunity to work with D12 on our album.We like D12 in terms of what they rap about and we have a sort of similar style to them. We also take a lot of influence from rappers like Big L, Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z.

Tell Me About Your Debut Album “Before Too Long” . . .

Our album comes out in January 2013 and it features performances from D-12 and Nazareth, a Scottish rock band.  Our manager Sandi Thom also features on a song; we collaborated with her three years ago and she helped us get signed to Guardian Angel Records. We also worked with upcoming R&B singer, Luke Biggins who features on “Relapse” which we put out and it got about 100,000 views in the first week.   

Do You Have Any Plans For Touring This Year?

We have a tour lined up for next year; dates and which cities will be playing will be available very soon. We are looking at a UK Tour first and then playing more all over the world to get our music out there.

Here’s To The Future For SHY & DRS . . .

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for more music from us; we’ll be doing a lot of promotion before the album comes out and if you want to hear more about us just check out our Facebook Fan Page