Better on Foot, a new record label out of Baltimore set to launch in September, has recruited New Jersey based Katy Hirshfeld’s collage designs for their label and event production. The twenty five year old spent time living in Washington, D.C. and is an accomplished visual artist, regularly producing custom pieces and being consulted on ad agency projects. She has described her work as having been influenced early on by the “the grunge aesthetic of The 90’s, and subsequently all things seedy or gritty.”

Gutter spoke with her about her Collage Garage project, and how music has played a part in her inspiration: “As I got older, I was inspired by early British punk rock, such as but not limited to: the Adverts, Ex Ray Spex, Sex Pistols, and The Slits.” She says the bands etched a rebellious vibe into the fabric of her persona, which often reveals itself in her collage work. At a ripe age she’s proven herself an individual with an impressively unique style — she’s not afraid to speak openly about her inspiration when asked: “Studying cultural artifacts from the era when punk rock invaded the UK, and much of the surrounding regions, resulted in a seismic shift in my psyche; I found myself in a creative, imaginative rapture and my obsession with the zeitgeist of that era forced me to react in the only manner I know.”

Her collaboration with the label was debuted on a ‘Visionnaire’ teaser poster, a new weekly Thursday event produced by the record label set to start on Thursday, September 13th. Acts booked for the event include Tokyo Black Star (Innervisions) and Droog (Culprit, LA) and also UK based Alexis Raphael, who released his first record on Hot Waves, the label run by Lee Foss & Jamie Jones.
The label gained interested after finding a bit of ‘audio collage’ in its own work, where their music is sometimes difficult to describe. It may be clearly classified as deep house on dance music point of sale sites like Beatport, but these songs have splashes of techno, disco, 80s, and IDM.

Fore more info on the event, visit the facebook page for the new dance party’s grand opening: Visionnaire presents Alexis Raphael