Unsigned quartet, Wilsen hail from New York and have debut single, “Anahita” in the pipeline; the band are set to make an important impact on your 2013 (you just don’t know it yet).

I caught up exclusively with lead singer, Tamsin Wilson to chat influences, competition and social networking . . .

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
Folk-influenced songs with ambient, electric arrangements – more suited for night-driving than party-starting.

What inspires you?
A person’s character, habits and interactions. 

How important has the internet and social networking been in helping you in establishing yourself?
The internet has been a great vehicle for sharing and absorbing content. It’s also introduced me to some wonderful folk I wouldn’t typically find in an audience.  

In today’s competitive culture, what do you bring to the table that makes you different from the rest?
That’s hard to say – I just enjoy developing my writing and musicianship, while crossing-fingers that someone might like what they hear.

What are you aiming to achieve in 2013?
To complete an album, support a band on tour, collaborate more with visual artists, and to get my drivers license. Long overdue.


Wilsen release “Anahita” both digitally and physically via their website on 18th February 2013.

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