What do you get when you bread a hippy and a hipster together? A good ol’ time!

Still Penny "Stardust EP"

Still Penny‘s “Stardust EP” is the perfect love child of 60’s and 70’s Zeppelin and Hendrix inspired rock and your 90’s and early 2000’s White Stripes and The Strokes alternative rock. With inspirations apparent.. It’s still hard not to say that this recent release by Annapolis natives Still Penny is genre defining. Lead vocalist and guitarist Sean Pennington’s ripping guitar leads and grooves getting you bopping your head up and down from the start with first track “Don’t Let Go”. But, the real kicker is his Pennington’s vocals. There is something very reminiscent of Nine Inch Nail‘s Trent Reznor in tone and even vocal melody at times throughout the album. This is a breath of fresh air in regards to Rock music in 2013. Not over eventuated, not over produced, not over autotuned. Just true blue passion and real deal singing. Which is what Rock needs more of these days.

The project began as a power trio with Sean Pennington, Matt Toronto, and Ben Gilbert.  Matt and Ben were instrumental in helping Sean craft the sound Still Penny has today.  After playing as a 3-piece for a few months (formerly known as Big Penny), Matt thought the idea of adding horns to the sound would set us apart from most blues rock style bands.  It was at this time Matt introduced Frank Dominguez (saxophone/vocals) to Sean.  After a few rehearsals and a show or two Frank became a permanent member of Still Penny. Frank then brought on Michael ‘Bravo’ Bravin (trombone) to write horn lines for the EP.

Still Penny released their EP on June 1st, 2013 with a bang at The Metropolitan. Their next show is this Saturday, June 22nd at Eastport A Rockin’ – Still Penny plays the J stage from 4:55 – 5:40.  Check out the Facebook event here.