Festivals. It’s all about the headliners. And there are only a select few that I would brave the rain, mud and portaloos for . . .

Machine Head

They are one of those bands that just keep getting better and better with each album they put out; changing their style from nu-metal to metalcore scenes before creating their own unique and iconic sound that breaks through the speakers like a ten tonne hammer! Machine Head have never wanted to become one of the biggest bands in metal; they write what they want, the way they want it and hope that the fans will still listen. It was their last two albums “The Blackening” and “Unto The Locust” which really showed off why this band is so good, creating some iconic metal anthems such as “Locust”, “Aesthetics Of Hate” and, of course, “Halo”. After seeing them play at Download already, nothing would be greater than to see them play a full headline festival set with their gut wrenching riffs, harmonic guitar solos and insane circle pits.


What can you really say about this band that hasn’t already been said before? They’ve done it all; from touring the world to writing some of the biggest and best songs in metal, with James Hetfield forever being recognised as The Table.!No matter what people think of the band, there is no denying that Metallica have become huge influences for some of the best bands today and opened up the possibilities for new styles and sub-genres of metal that makes you appreciate the bands music even more.


Yes, this band did just play download this year but seeing them perform once simply isn’t enough! Their entire stage show alone is enough to want to see them; performing with huge prop designs, set pieces and fire! Lots and lots of fire! Rammstein have become one of the most influential bands in metal. Ironic coming from a band who sing entirely in German, but it’s their very slow and simple riffs which stay in your head that makes their foreign lyrics easier to understand. They don’t have the most difficult songs to play but they remind us that simple is sometimes better, which is why we can sing along to songs like “Fire Frei Du Hast” and “Sonne”. They stole the show at this years Download and reminded me why I love this band so much and reminded everyone what makes them so unique and epic to listen to.