Scotland was hit with “Still Game” fever this week when it was revealed that comedy chums, Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill had “kissed and made up” after a long-running feud which ultimately ended the hit Scottish show.

Originally a stage show, the series followed the hilarious antics of a group of pensioners from fictional housing scheme, Craiglang and ran from 2002 until 2007. “Auld pals” Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade, teamed with ‘gambling chancer’, Winston, ‘gab-shite’, Isa, ‘tight-arse’ Tam, sarcastic shopkeeper, Navid and long-suffering barman, Bobby, proved a runaway success spawning both Christmas and Hogmanay specials; fans have been calling for a comeback since the show ended in August 2007, after 6 series’.

An official announcement is expected next week, but until then, we take a look at “Why We LOVE Still Game” . . .

Siobhanne Beattie :For me, gossip, Isa Drennan is the essence of “Still Game” and a stellar example of a “nosy neighbour” – Scottish style! The only central female character of the show, Isa’s love of gossip and determination to find out the “business” of her Craiglang contemporaries proved for hilarious viewing over “Still Game’s” run on TV. By her own admission, she’s a “nosy bastard” and never fails to make me laugh!

Kimberley Manderson : Undoubtedly one of the best TV shows to come out of Scotland this century, “Still Game” is a fantastic sitcom which remains close to many a Scot’s heart. When the news broke this week that “Still Game” would be making a much-anticipated return in some form or another, I was – needless to say – delighted! The show holds many fantastic memories, and contains hilarious quotes I still use today, including “feeches” and “paroka” from The Party Hogmanay episode  of 2006. The episode where Jack and Victor get trapped in a lift, reminiscing on the glory days when new year’s eve was fun in Craiglang, has got to be my favourite festive episode! It’s hard to pick a favourite overall though, as there are so many genuinely hilarious moments. Highlights for me have included when the boys take a trip in their car to Balloch and Dumbarton of all places – purely because that’s home; Tizer the dug leaping off Osprey Heights and Navid’s hilarious one liners to his customers and wife, Meena.

Jaq Inglis :For fans of “Still Game”, there’s a character close to many hearts, the bold Winston Ingram. Although often moody, pessimistic and, on occasion, quick to lose his temper, he is still undoubtedly a favourite among viewers. “Drama”, the first episode of Series Five, brought some hilarious plot-lines to the small screen! Winston’s heated battle with Frankie, “the thieving bastard bookie”, came to a head as he attempted to expose him as Stevie, Craiglang’s previous bookie, who skipped town with over £30,000 of Winston’s winnings. The other saw a greedy Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade go chasing free whisky after winning a free trip to a distillery. This hysterical episode concludes with both Jack and Victor, feeling a little worse for wear, and a delighted Winston eager to celebrate his winnings (for a third time!) There are no words, the clip speaks for itself . . .

“Still Game” gave us Chris The Postie, Big Innes on the hunt for Midori, Bobby The Barman as Troy The Gardener, The Clansman Quiz Night and “Boof! Right In The Costa Del Sols!” . . . Scotland can’t wait to welcome it back!