Gutter HQ brought the “punk-Dolly Parton“-fronted, Wildflowers to your attention last year with the release of their debut EP, “Wild Among The Flowers”.

Fresh from a stunning debut SXSW performance, we spoke exclusively to frontwoman, Siddy Bennett about Janis Joplin, sharing the limelight with a sibling and being an English girl in America . . .

For those who don’t know, who ARE Wildflowers?

Wildflowers are a 4-piece indie, folk, rock band based in Brighton. We all sing so our songs are packed full of harmonies. We are made up of 2 girls and 2 boys and are heavily influenced by the late 60s Laurel Canyon scene, so we get a lot of comparisons to The Mamas & The Papas and Fleetwood Mac.

You have been pegged as a “punk Dolly Parton”, but who inspires you the most to get up and take on the microphone?

I definitely feel inspired to write and perform after watching the Woodstock documentary. Janis Joplin is a huge influence vocally; she has a bluesy, husky voice, too so I learned a lot from watching videos of her perform. As for more modern music, I love The Lumineers, they make me want to write songs.

Wildflowers are fresh from performing at SXSW, that must have been quite an experience . . .

That was a crazy experience! It was our first visit to America and Austin was heaving with loads of awesome bands and party people. I was really nervous about performing our songs to an American audience because their music has been such a huge influence on my songwriting. I was an English girl singing country-inspired music which is their pride and joy and I was in the south, so yeah, I freaked myself out a bit, but after we played we got a standing ovation! I’m pretty sure I shed a couple of tears!

I imagine being siblings in the same band can be tough, what are the pros and cons of sharing the limelight with your sister?

Do you know Kit (my sister) never, ever annoys me and I think (and hope) the feeling is mutual! We just have such a good time on the road. The pro’s are having someone who has your back in any situation, having a girl to talk to and being able to steal make-up! The con’s? We easily influence each other so if we are left on our own we usually get very drunk!

What type of music would we find on your iPod? What current bands have caught your attention?

You would find everything and anything! As long as the lyrics are good and it moves me, I like it! In Detroit, we’ve been hanging out with a band called My Pal Val and I’ve been to see them play live 3 times, they are seriously awesome! I have been introduced to a band called Sally Ford and Sound Outside; both female-fronted bands, both awesome! Check them out!

You have a UK tour in the pipeline, what can we expect from Wildflowers LIVE?

We have taken it up a notch this year; it’s going to be bigger and better! It’s our first headline tour, so we want to put on a show. I think people can expect to have a really good time. Normally, we have been supporting bands, so we only get around 30 minutes, but this will be a full-blown show.

There is a certain degree of pressure on female performers to look/dress a certain way, do you notice that personally?

I’ve always chosen to wear what I want to wear. I quite like fashion and love coming up with ideas for photo shoots, so it doesn’t really affect me personally.

What’s next for the band? How is the second half of 2014 shaping up?

We have our debut single, “Let It Go” coming out, then we are doing our first headliner tour in lateĀ April. We have a couple of festivals booked this summer, then we should be releasing the album fingers crossed, an American tour.

Wildflowers are LIVE in the UK this month : 23rd April in Bristol, 24th April in Manchester, 25th in Birmingham, 26th April in Glasgow, 28th April in Cambridge, 29th April in London and 30th April in Liverpool.