Following the commerical success of singles, “Bounce” and “Work”Amethyst Amelia Kelly, or as the music industry knows her, Iggy Azalea releases her debut album “The New Classic” today.

The Australian model-turned-singer’s debut offering is hotly anticipated, but will her brand of Missy Elliot-influence hip hop and R ‘N’ B be hit or miss?

Walk The Line

A Johnny Cash cover? No, apparently not, but along the same lines in terms of concept. Semi-autobiographical and whining about such a hard life, but Iggy shoots for a more “I will survive”  vibe than “I’m gonna go slit my wrists”.

Don’t Need Y’All

Sounds like a slowed down version of the previous song. However, the chorus is clever; the same line over and over is always infectious and hit-friendly.

100 (Featuring Watch The Duck)

The best yet and my undoubted favourite; better rhythm, better sound, better mix. Less noise. Watch The Duck gives the track soul and depth; its a lot less whiny teenager and a lot more sultry songstress with attitude.

Change Your Life (Featuring T.I)

This song brings a chorus more catchy than a common cold; it’ll be stuck in my head for weeks! T.I does little to impress me normally, but he does this song a massive favour. It’s an improvement on the initial tracks. Close, but no cigar.

Fancy (Featuring Charli XCX)

A retro start than I mistakenly thought would dilute into noise. Surprisingly ( and thankfully, for my ears’ sake) it didn’t! However, the collaboration backfires on Iggy . . . It peaked my interest in Charli XCX to the point of a Google search.

New Bitch

More than a little degrading. I’m not sure whether I’m proud of being a woman or not after listening to this; it’s very angry! I think Iggy’s losing more and more friends as the tracklist plays on. A little variation on this “angry wee girl who can look after herself” concept would be more welcome than an old friend.


A fresh concept and an uplifting track; a far cry from its bitter predecessor. It doesn’t make me want to start a fight, but its still verging on noise, rather than music.

Impossible Is Nothing

Yoda in da house? This is getting really old, really fast! It’s not the first track on the album to offer false hope; they start out promising before falling into the “bump, bump, bump” racket that has the nerve to call itself dubstep.


My toes are now tapping, maybe we’re onto something here! Or maybe I’m clutching at straws . . . Better, but not the best.

Black Widow (Feat Rita Ora)

Rita Ora input had a positive effect on this effort. . . then Iggy I like the ping-pong sound; a reminder of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”. It hosts a smarter chorus than the rest, and Rita Ora’s contribution will probably seal the deal for the track catching on.

Lady Patra (Featuring Mavado)

Undeniably catchy and Mavado’s rasta-feel creates a positive vibe.

Fuck Love

The worst of the lot. Its complete chaos: alarms, a questionable rhythm, and a vuvuzela that ruined the last World Cup. All that comes before we get to, yup, you guessed it, the“angry wee girl” concept that has dominated this debut effort and I have come to know and loathe.

Iggy Azalea’s debut album is undoubtedly more miss than hit hip hop; similiar sounding songs that are jumpy, shouty with very little thought-y.