New Releases


Following a short but memorable bit-part in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and his Oscar-winning performance in “Dallas Buyer’s Club”, Matthew McConaughey looks set to continue his time at the top with sci-fi drama, “Interstellar” released this week. McConaughey stars opposite Casey Affleck, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway as an explorer who sets out to space in a bid to find a new home for humanity. Directed by Christopher Nolan of “The Dark Knight Trilogy” and “Inception” fame.

Say When

Keira Knightley stars in this wonderfully warm and funny rom-com as Megan, a 28 year old who flees her disappointing adulthood (following a proposal from boyfriend, Anthony) and befriends 16 year old rebel, Annika (played by Chloe Grace Moretz). Sam Rockwell stars Annika’s single (and sexy) Dad, Craig. For anyone who ever felt their life was going nowhere!

The Skeleton Twins

Kristen Wiig (of “Bridesmaids” fame) and Bill Hader (best known as one half of the hilarious cop-duo from “Superbad”) star as identical twins, Maggie and Milo, reunited after 10 years apart. The twins come together at a crisis point in both of their lives, and rekindle their bond and discover what drove them apart in the first place. A heartfelt, bittersweet indie-comedy that also stars, Luke Wilson as Maggie’s husband, Lance.

Catch A Classic

Cry Baby @ The GFT, Friday 14th November 2014 @ 11.15pm

John Waters musical cult-comedy stars a young (and gorgeous) Johnny Depp as Wade “Cry Baby” Walker and Ricki Lake. “Cry Baby” brings the music, fast cars and deliquency of the 1950s to life while teen rebel, Cry Baby tries to win the heart of the wealthy and beautiful “square”, Alison Vernon Williams

Movie News

It’s been an exciting week for film fans with BIG movie news . . . We got a sneaky peek at Grimm Fairy Tales-based fantasy, “Into The Woods” a few months back, but the full trailer was unveiled a few days ago and damn, it looks good!  Starring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp, the film is scheduled for release on Christmas Day

The trailer for the undoubted summer smash of 2015 was released this week! “Minions” starring the adorable little yellow guys we know and LOVE from the “Despicable Me” franchise have their own fun-filled adventure lined up for next July. I have a feeling that not only kids will be queuing up to see this one!

And, finally, the release date for the forthcoming, fifth instalment of “Pirates Of The Caribbean” was revealed earlier this week; we’ll see Johnny Depp back as the colourful Captain Jack Sparrow in a brand-new swashbuckling adventure of the franchise in July 2017