Next month marks the release of Pennsylvanian rock band, Halestorm’s third LP, “Into The Wild Life”. The band, fronted by Lzzy Hale, are currently out on tour across the UK

Just hours before he was due onto the legendary Barrowland stage last week, I spoke exclusively to Halestorm drummer, Arejay Hale about what sucks about touring, the death of rock ‘n’ roll Stateside and sharing the limelight with sister, Lzzy . . .

What was the aim of the band when you were going in to start recording your new album?

It was real different from the last couple of records, we kind of went into it not really aiming towards anything in particular. For the first couple of months of pre-production and writing, all of us were like “Man what direction are we going in? What are we doing?” but it always seems to come together right at the last minute, right before you go in and hit record. Once you get a bunch of songs together, you kind of get the idea of what direction you want to go in. When we went into record we really wanted to capture our live energy on a recording ’cause we have always just been a live band. For me personally, this album is the closest we have got to capturing that live energy on recording. I think with every record we get more and more honest.

How does “Into The Wild Life” compare to the bands previous releases?

In our first two records we worked with a really good team of people who had a system and a really good way of doing it. When we came in to make our third record we wanted to come in and fuck it up a little bit, instead of going through the same routine. We wanted to break away and do something different. We worked with Jay Joyce, who’s an amazing producer and mentor, and he was really great to work with in the studio. He’s just a musical genius! With the first record, we were trying to fit in with other active rock bands like Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Nickleback. I think we were trying to find our place. With the next record, we got a little bit more bold, a little bit more ballsy and tried to break away from the sterile radio sound. Now, with this album, I think it is our most creative record that we’ve done yet.

What were your inspirations when working on the new album?

Most of our inspirations just come from our personal experiences. From being what we are, a touring band. We’re on the road, especially when we first drop an album,  for maybe 10 months out of that yearFor me, a lot of the things that I write about are just the experiences I go through from doing this; you meet so many people that can relate to what you’re saying. A lot of inspiration comes from what these kids that come to the shows say to us, the whole mentality of being a rock and roll fan. A die-hard is awesome here; because they still love rock and roll here. In The States, it’s kind of a dying breed. A lot of our inspiration comes from just getting to see that; someone that’s out at a rock concert going nuts, and then going back to their life. As far as artists go, I always go back to my roots; I was raised on Led Zepplin, Cream, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones . . .

What do you like most/least about touring?

Really, the only thing that sucks about touring is being away from home. I’ve just got an apartment and got married; my wife is my best friend in the world and having to be away from her is the hardest, most painful, most shitty thing to have to go through. That’s the problem with being in a relationship, falling in love and having a life somewhere is that you know, at any minute, you’re going to get ripped from that and have to live in a tin can on wheels. That really sucks, it’s bittersweet. The best part about touring and the only thing that really makes it worth it is playing the shows, meeting the fans and seeing all these kids. A lot of people that come to our shows say they really love coming because it’s their chance to say, “I’m getting away from my job, my school, my bills, my parents nagging me, my teachers nagging me . . .” They can throw it all away and just escape. Being able to be someone’s escape is such an amazing feeling!

How is it for you sharing the limelight with your sister?

Being in a band with your sibling? Its fucking great, I love it! The cool thing is that we were never competitive growing up. Even when I was born, she was three and she would help our parents because I was a handful. The two of us always had a great bond; growing up, I looked up to her as my big sister who helps take care of me and when we got older and I got taller than her (laughing) the switched and I was her big “little” brother who was always there to watch her back. A lot of people find us weird because, when you’re a band on tour, you’re up each other’s asses all the time so usually when there’s a day off, everyone will scatter and do their own thing, but when we have time off we’ll go for a beer or have dinner, and we hang out together and laugh and just fuck around. That’s what makes touring fun!

What are your plans after you have released “Into The Wild Life”?

I’m gonna go skydiving. (laughing) No, I just want to do it that’s all, as soon as the album comes out, I’m going to find the nearest plane to jump out off. No actually, wait! That’s when the album goes to number one (laughing). Really our plans right now are just more touring. We’re definitely going to come back to Europe again and South America. We’re planning on doing some dates in Asia, and I think someone was saying they want to send us to Australia, which I’m stoked about because I’ve never been there. 22 hour flight, totally worth it! I’m sure we’ll just keep on touring and I’ll keep on trying to take over the world like Pinky and The Brain (laughing).

Halestorm’s brand new album, “Into The Wild Life” is out on Monday 13th April 2015.