Young Kato were live at Glasgow’s Garage this weekend ahead of the release of their debut album, “Don’t Wait Til’ Tomorrow”, out on 3rd May 2015.

I caught up with the band just hours before they took to the stage for an exclusive chat about touring essentials, borrowing from The Smiths and how America are “killing it!” 

Your debut LP comes out next week, how are you feeling?!

Tom Wright (Vocals) : We’re all really excited about it coming out! We’re excited for people to hear things that they haven’t heard before, and it’s a new collection of songs for people to sing back to us when we go on tour again. We aren’t necessarily worried about what people think or how high it will go in the charts, we don’t mind about that too much we just want as many people to hear it as possible.

Does the completed LP live up to your expectations for your debut?

Wright : I don’t know because we changed it a lot! We kind of did a good 60% of it then went away and sat on it, then added a few more tracks each time. I think we’ve sat on it for so long and nit-picked and changed things that I think it’s now as good as it can be. It’s what you expect from Young Kato; its big! It has youthful and colourful songs in there, but we have thrown a few curve balls in there, too. 

How would you describe your musical style to people who haven’t heard it?

Wright : I’d say its youthful, colourful kind of indie or alternative pop with 80’s influences through it.

Harry Steele (Keyboard) : It’s kind of a mixture of everything that we’ve grown up on and listened too, so yeah it’s a weird mix.

You’ve taken inspiration from Australian electro pop bands but who are your home grown inspirations?

Wright : Throughout my teen years, I listened to a lot of The Smiths so that probably showcases sometimes. I think that the vibrato that I use with my voice was picked up somewhere along the line from them. We just absolutely love well-written pop songs, and that’s kind of the vibe that we go for.

Steele : We listen to anything as long as we believe it’s well structured and well written.

Wright : In terms of British bands we were brought up on Oasis, they are key.

You’ve been touring the UK for a the past month, is tour life living up to what you thought it would be?

Wright : Well, I don’t know. I mean this kid (Lever) is almost falling asleep! (Laughter) With the tour, yeah, you learn that it’s probably not best to be out drinking all night and ending up extremely hungover.

Joe Lever (Bass) : Yeah, I agree but I still love it!

Wright : Yeah, we love it but there is a lot of waiting around in the day and loading everything in just for 45 minutes of stage time. We’re still all getting on really well so it’s kind of like a little holiday for us.

You’ve been the support act for bigger bands that have much larger crowds, how do you find playing to them?

Wright : That’s what we love! All of the support tours we’ve done have been wicked! We love the challenge of seeing new people and faces in the room, trying to impress them.

Steele : We feel like we’re up to any challenge and will support anyone.

Jack Edwards (Guitar) : We try our best to get our name and the sound across to the audience.

Wright : We want to get as many people as possible to hear our songs and get involved with our music. Even if everyone listened to it and said they didn’t like it, that’s still great for us as long as they’ve heard it! 

How do you feel about the current UK music scene? Do you think it’s exciting or in need of a revamp?

Wright : I don’t know. that’s hard. There are like some gems that come up now and again, but I guess America are really killing it at the minute.

Edwards : There is too many styles around bass at the moment and not enough actual music.

Lever : Yeah, there’s not a lot of substance in a lot of things that are coming out.

Wright : We need more really cool new bands!

What do you do to relax when you’re having downtime away from tour?

Lever : We’re going trampolining tomorrow!

Wright : Yeah, I think it’s called zero gravity. it’s a big trampolining thing in Glasgow. They emailed us and asked if we wanted to come down so we’re definitely up for that.

What song are you most proud of writing?

Wright : There’s a song that’s going to be our next single,“Runaway” and for us, we think it’s the best song we’ve ever written to date. We’re really proud of it and love the production of it. “Drink, Dance, Play” is the best live song for us because everyone just looses their shit and it’s brilliant!

What does the rest of 2015 have in line for Young Kato?

Wright : I think the plan is to finish this tour and try and smash the album by getting as many people hearing it as possible. That will lead us into festival season and we’ll do a few European dates as well; we’ve booked Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. At the end of festival season, we might look into doing another tour; a support or headline tour. but either way we’ll be on the road again by the end of the year.