Home-town heroes, Suspire played their last Glasgow gig of the summer at a packed King Tuts last weekend. Before heading back into the studio to work on their second LP, they spoke exclusively to Gutter HQ about their secret love of Shellac nails, who inspires them and making offensive movies that even Empire wouldn’t understand . . .

How did Suspire come together?

Paul Duffin (Guitar/Vocals) : Well, Claire and I have been in love for many years. Brian and I in love for not so many years and Chris and I in love for the least amount of years, so we all love each other!

Brian Cunningham (Vocals/Bass) : Claire and I have been in a band together for the last 10 to 12 years. Paul and I have been writing together for about the last three to five years, and we have all known Chris for years and he joined the band recently. 

Where do you draw influence from?

P. Duffin : We take a lot of influence from music, literature and things that are happening in the world. Musically, it is extremely difficult to quantify who inspires us. I think in given times, we find particular people at particular points where we all go “Oh yeah, we like that!” and we’re all on the same wavelength. I personally love hip-hop and Jurassic Five and Claire loves ABBA.

Cunningham : I am as likely to sit and listen to Glen Campbell as I am to listen to The Beatles or Oasis. We listen to whatever we like the sound of and are always educating each other on what we’re listening to.

P. Duffin : When we connect on something, we binge on it, and extract everything we possibly can before moving on to the next thing. We’re like vampires, and we continue to educate one another on the possibilities of what we can do with music.

You released your debut album last year. Did it live up to your expectations?

Cunningham : There’s two points; there’s the commercial aspect, and then there is. has it actually resonated with us as our baby? It spans from before I was in the band, and before Chris was, up until the present day. We produced a lot of it. and engineered and mixed it. then we mastered it with another party as well to make it as neutral as possible to try  and let people get into as much as possible. I think it was good, but it wasn’t perfect.

C. Duffin : I think we always want to do better, and I think that will be the same for probably most artists. I think it was a really good snapshot of where we were at that point. So many times before, we put out an EP, and then another EP, and we thought we actually need to stop here and just put out the album so we can move on.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band?

C. Duffin : That’s interesting to think about. I’d be a juggler maybe (Laughter) I actually can’t juggle so that would be really poor.

P. Duffin : Well, Chris and I both work for unnamed commercial enterprises to pay our bills, so music for us is very much our lives. What we do for a living pays our bills but music, in all its forms, that is life for us! However, to answer the question, I would write the best film of all time! I would direct it and I would also star in it, and it would be banned by all media channels as the most offensive, horrific, most senseless piece of nonsense of all time and I’d be quite happy with that. Empire Magazine would give it five stars, although they wouldn’t understand it. That would be my ideal situation.

What do you do to relax when you have some downtime?

C. Duffin : For me, I’n going to be a total girl when I answer this, but I think a good spa day is good for relaxing. The guys are totally the same, they just don’t want to admit it (Laughter) The whole band loves going out and getting Shellac done on their nails.
P. Duffin : If I had a day off and was just to chill out, I would probably drink heavily and then . . .
C. Duffin : Play X-Box I can tell you that right now!
P. Duffin : Yeah, X-Box would definitely be involved . . .

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

P. Duffin : A lot of recording, and we’re off to Germany for a tour in October. We’re going to do a big show in Glasgow as well.

C. Duffin : We’re not saying too much, mainly because we haven’t decided many aspects of it yet, but it would be good after the tour in Germany to do a sort of homecoming. We’re struggling to find a venue in Glasgow that we haven’t played, so that’s something we’re trying to pin down as well. Also, working on the second album is a big, big part of 2015, which has already started.