We’re living in a silver screen age of long-awaited sequels it seems; we’re finally getting a follow-up to Tim Burton’s “Beetlejuice” after 26 years (!), Keanu Reeves is reportedly going back to where it all began with a third “Bill & Ted” outing and Ben Stiller early next year as dim-witted male model, Derek Zoolander, 15 years after the original.

Join us as we look back at sequels (and prequels) we have waited (and waited) for as we wonder; is a follow-up really a good idea?! Gutter HQ looks at the good, the bad and the “should never even been thought about!”

The Good 

Sin City 2 : A Dame To Kill For (we waited 9 years)

My graphic novel/comic/any picture book beyond Winnie The Pooh awakening. I left the cinema chanting, “More, more, MORE!” Hookers own the city, the super villain is The Man and murder is the currency. So, how to improve it? Hookers save the day, The Man has a face and Eva Green . . . ‘Nuff said! I am a hetero female, but I still loved her; a manipulative bitch reminiscent of the femme fatale of the Basic Instinct era. Isn’t that why we all loved her?!

Star Wars Prequels (we waited 16 years)

There was plenty wrong with the prequels, but there was plenty wrong with the originals, too. However, let’s not go down that road, it’ll just cause tears and tantrums. However, there was also plenty right with the prequels; expanding Boba Fett, Obi Wan’s beard and the most horrifying murder scene in film history, paired with the cutest puppy dog eyes to rival Oliver. Not forgetting the epic, “NOOoooooooo!” The truth is that if you’re a Star Wars fan (which I assume 99.9% of the population are), there’s very little that would encourage you to shun this franchise. We forgive so much; Darth Vader could have been a mole rat born from the beard of Jesus and it would still have been an awesome movie!

Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps (we waited 23 years)

No one needed it, no one asked for it, but why not? Michael Douglas reprised his role as Gordon Gekko, seemingly reformed after his sins of the original movie. Shia Lebouf is the token ambitious protege; only this time, not determined to work for Gekko (like Charlie Sheen in the 1987 original), but instead, to reunite him with his estranged daughter, an coincidentally his fiance (Carey Mulligan). Money never sleeps; a timeless concept, which is why this works so well.

The Hobbit : An Expected Journey (we waited 9 years)

The major flaw of “The Hobbit” series is a valid one; one thin book stretched over nine hours of footage (but then, this IS the franchise that must have had 20 epilogues to Return Of The King). The same argument for Star Wars can be applied to J.R.R. Tolkien; if you’re a fan, nothing will break that loyalty. The Sherlock men are praised for keeping the franchise above water, with Martin Freeman’s charming and believably brave Bilbo, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s dragon that could charm the pants of you, making for an oddly engaging watch, even nine hours of it! Not forgetting the love/hate relationship with Gollum; what is a franchise without a pet? Even one that looks like death warmed up . . . melted.

Mad Max : Fury Road (we waited 30 years)

Perhaps George Miller figured out what sells in the 21st Century, or maybe he put an unparalleled amount of thought and back-story into this world, or maybe all a film really needs is a car chase to make it awesome! Whatever the cause, this worked, and well! We had the new and improved Max, who had character, despite maybe three lines of dialogue beyond grunts. We had the villain that was the “bastard child of Sweet Tooth The Clown and Darth Vader” (according to Cracked.com, at least). Best of all, we had Furiosa; the woman ideal for the poster girl of “We Can Do It”. Not to mention, allusions to dictatorship, the class divide, slavery, the value of oil; giving something new each and every time I watch it!

The Bad 

Prometheus (we waited : 5-33 years, depending on what you consider the last good one)

Honestly, I didn’t realise this was an “Alien” prequel when I went to see it; largely due to my hangover, and my annoyance at being turned away from a showing of “Puss In Boots” showing for kids-only. Ageists . . . Even more honestly, I still didn’t realise this was an “Alien” prequel when it was over. Only note-worthy moment? The semi-automatic alien C-section; quashed any lingering desire I might have had to ever give birth, but a good scare, nonetheless.

Jurassic World (we waited 22 years for a GOOD sequel)

Still waiting . . . I’ll put this simply as I have a limited word count. Pterodactyls with T-Rex heads, a woman running in all terrains in skinny heels and Chris Pratt with no shirtless scene (!) There was salvation or distraction from the awfulness of this movie; I laughed most of the way through it. Pity it wasn’t a comedy. The worst part? No match for the tension that made the original a classic; not even a hint of a glass with ripples.

The Awful

Basic Instinct 2 (we waited 14 years)

What do you remember about Basic Instinct? Sharon Stone’s (ahem) legs, right? So, what did a sequel need to get producers agreeing that a sequel was needed? That’s right;Sharon Stone’s (ahem) legs. With that, a sequel was born; same story, same premise, same character (busy tainting the way women sit everywhere) BUT set in London. That, of course, made a world of difference . . . FYI, that technique of flirting doesn’t work, or at least, not in jeans.

Tron : Legacy (we waited 28 years)

“Tron” had its time and place. A time of black and white fuzzy TVs, when Apple’s iPod was a boom-box and life before the internet; a time when kids were in awe of the lightsaber, and wondered how anything was ever going to beat it. Unfortunately, for “Tron Legacy”, that time was long gone by the arrival of this 2010 sequel.  Sorry “Tron”, we’re the Facebook generation, it takes more to wow us!

Psycho II (we waited 23 years)

There’s a good reason that The Master Of Suspense never ventured into sequel territory; he did it so perfectly the first time around, that a second outing was never needed. Hitchcock would never have felt the need to give his 1960 original masterpiece a follow-up with the predictable mental institution release plot with a far-fetched paternity loop-hole thrown into the mix for good measure. The return of Anthony Perkins and the famous shower scene string quartet wasn’t enough to save this sorry sequel.