The music is out there . . .

Actor-turned-musician, David Duchovny brought mellow rock and a little Dad dancing to Glasgow’s 02 ABC on Thursday night, as part of his European Tour.

The wolf whistles and high-pitched screams that welcomed his entrance onstage confirmed that the 55 year old’s days as a sex symbol are far from over. Looking every inch the part in black skinny jeans and leather jacket, Duchovny kicked things off with a humble, “Hey” and track, “Let It Rain”, which ironically in Glasgow, it wasn’t (for once).

Best known as Special Agent Fox Mulder from hit sci-fi TV series, “The X Files”, Duchovny was out in support of his newest venture; “Hell Or Highwater”, his debut album released last May, which shaped the bulk of the laid-back set, including stand-out moments, “Stars”, “Unsaid And Undone” and title-track, “Hell Or Highwater”Duchovny cut a somewhat different figure from his famous TV roles and looked comfortable in this new rock star role; he pouted, strutted and posed his way through the set, much to the delight of his many female fans. However, his mellow vocals hinted that it’s still early days for him as a singer; his lyrics were not always audible and there were moments when his passion clearly outweighed his vocal talent. 

“This would only happen here, Glasgow . . .”


A surprise sprinkling of David Bowie’s “Stay” and The Weekend’s “Can’t Feel My Face” brought a funky spin to the show, and was warmly welcomed by fans who danced and sang along. The half-Scottish Duchovny paid tribute to his roots; he recorded a message for his Aberdeen-born mother, donned a kilt (the screaming was deafening) and enjoyed an impromptu language lesson with a front row fan; he didn’t look entirely convinced that “gallus” was a real word . . .

Duchovny may not be the musician he’d like to be; his vocals were missing the trademark growl that could have made them great, instead of average and he danced like a Dad (albeit a very sexy one), but his passion for being onstage doing something he really wants to is impossible to ignore, and exceedingly difficult to resist.