English alt-rockers, Deaf Havana played a mixed bag of classic and never before played live tracks at Glasgow’s 02 ABC last Saturday.

Following support from Holiday Over, The Mirror Trap and DEAD! the headliners took centre stage, kicking off with “Ashes, Ashes” before “Trigger”, taken from the band’s latest studio effort, “All These Countless Nights”, which dropped in January. Next up, “I’m A Bore, Mostly” which came with an apology from frontman, James Veck-Gilodi for his slightly nasal vocals, but the Glaswegian crowd didn’t seem to mind, singing along with every word of next track, “Leeches”.

Another crowd pleaser, “22” came next, closely followed with new tracks, “L.O.V.E”, “Fever” and “Happiness”. Before the last chorus of “The Past Six Years”, Veck-Gidoli paused the song to announce that the band were playing a DJ Set later in The Cathouse as an after-show party. “St Paul’s”, “Cassiopeia” and “Mildred” also shaped the set.

A return to older tracks including, “Anemophobia” filled the venue, before the band played, “Hunstanton Pier” and bowing out.

A traditional chant of, “One more tune!” coaxed the four-piece back onstage and “Boston Square” kicked off the encore. “Sing”, the lead single from their latest LP began the conclusion before, “Pensacola, 2013” closed the show with a bow from the band and their name up in lights.