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Battle Of The Bands : Surface Fest 2012

Scottish bands are set to battle it out this weekend in Glasgow in the Scottish Regional Finals of underground music competition, “Surface Fest”. Local Glasgow band Black Velvet are among the bands battling it out and will face a host of Scottish bands from genres ranging from rock, grunge and heavy metal. The winner will […]

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My Festival Moment Of 2012

Going to Download 2012 this summer was my first festival experience and the greatest weekend I could ever have hoped for. Being surrounded by thousands of people who all came to hear the same bands and music as me reminded me of why I love metal so much. Sharing this experience with my friends made it even more memorable as we waded […]

Busking : The Dos And Don’ts

Buskers and street performers create an upbeat and lively atmosphere all across Glasgow. It has always maintained to be a free spirited act which allows musicians from all over Glasgow to share their music with the people of Scotland; making it a nicer place to live and boosting our creative community. However, Glasgow City Council […]

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Busking In Buchanan Street : Meet Anna Shields

It’s impossible to swing a a guitar in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street without knocking over a busker or two! Buskers have become as much apart of the High Street on a Saturday as over-spending with performers of all shapes, sizes and styles delighting shopping crowds with their own acoustic efforts or their unique take on classic […]

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Introducing SHY & DRS; The Face Of Scottish Hip Pop

SHY&DRS are twin brothers, Mark and Darren Scott; a Scottish Hip Pop Band from Aberdeen who have gone from rapping along to D12 in their bedrooms, to over 100,ooo hits on YouTube. I spoke exclusively to Darren Scott to find out about rapping Scots-style, working with D12 and their forthcoming debut album . . . You’re Not […]

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One Place You HAVE To Play Live . . .

My favourite gig venue isn’t famous or well known. It is a small studio in Dumbarton called “Deadbeat Studios”. The reason that such a small venue is among  my favourites is that it is the type of venue where anything can happen (and usually does!) “Deadbeats Studios” showcases some of the best local talent that Dumbarton has to offer. I particularly […]

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The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective