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Transmodern is upon us!

There was a huge void in the alternative festival scene with the departure of Whartscape. Thankfully, the annual Transmodern Festival (it’s been around for almost a decade) picked up the banner of awesomeness and waved it around proudly. All the details after the jump.

New Banksy?

Has Banksy returned just in time for the LDN Olympics and the Queen’s Silver Jubilee?!

Liberate Black. Liberate White!

It’s still kind of a secret that Bmore has an underground fashion scene, but we’re doing what we can to bring those unknown designers out into the light. One of our FAVs is Je’ Liberated and he has a show coming up!

May Day in Baltimore

Banning together under the umbrella of May Day (the world’s Labor Day), members of Baltimore’s Occupy Movement and dozens of community groups, organizers, labor leaders and supporters organized marches yesterday that culminated with a demonstration of solidarity at McEldry Square at the city’s Inner Harbor.

MICA fashion KILLS it.

We look forward to the Spring for many reasons. Tulips, Maryland Film Fest (more on that later), tulips, MICA’s two day end of the year fashion shows and tulips :).

Gutter’s 3rd Annual Maryland Film Fest Picks

Yeah, we know. City Paper pretty much owns the film fest with their awesome (and hardworking) coverage. But every year we try to treat our small crew of readers to our picks which are, we hope, more in line with theirs! So lets just get right to this shit:

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective