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DVD review: Empire State

As the noughties descended into disillusionment over crippling debt and record unemployment, recalling the optimism of the eighties is refreshing.  However, past the initial exuberance of the decade shown in TV’s Glory Daze (2010), lies a graveyard brimming with faux pas.  Here, buried under the shell suits and shoulder pads, is a British film so […]

DVD review: The Thin Red Line

Anti-war films have a special place in cinematic history and viewers’ affection, with each generation laying claim to the most poignant.  Recently released on DVD, this overlooked classic contains such understated intensity you won’t grasp its effect until the credits roll. Andrew Marton’s The Thin Red Line (1964) follows a WWII recruit struggling to accept […]

Film review: True Grit

Jeff Bridges’ Indian summer gallops on as True Grit finds him drawing on his recent form playing a character as savage as the western prairie.  Retreading their No Country for Old Men (2007) territory, the Coen brothers drive a spur into the old horse opera, easily eclipsing John Wayne’s original (1969). After her father’s murder […]

DVD review: Morgan: A Suitable Case For Treatment

With alternative rom-coms like (500) Days of Summer (2009) all the rage, a new DVD release shows this trend is nothing new.  In the sixties, when British comedy was synonymous with the lowbrow Carry On series, films like Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment (1966) gained cult status. Morgan (David Warner) is a recently divorced […]

A Nightmare Before Xmas: Victor Castillo and Luke Kopycinski

Amour Efernal, by Luke Kopycinski A fog of dark surrealism is blanketing a quiet pocket of London as Westbourne Studios provides a respite from the sugar-coated holiday season.  The intriguing themes of childhood duality from Victor Castillo and the fantastical sensuality of Luke Kopycinski offer a brooding refuge from a frozen capital. For a self-styled […]

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