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Scary (And Not So Scary) Movies : Halloween Special


James Wan’s 2004 masterpiece redefined horror, displayed genius plot twists reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock and introduced us to Jigsaw; a cancer-stricken man determined to make other’s appreciate life. I think that it says a lot about my personality and is an undeniable red flag when I say, Saw fascinates me. I’m a little on Jigsaw’s side; I don’t condone what he does and I certainly wouldn’t do it myself, but I can appreciate why he does what he does. Massacre for massacre’s sake has been done to death (pun intended) but Jigsaw is trying to make the world a better place . . . by challenging cheaters, liars, murderers, junkies and rapists and testing just how much it means to them to be alive. One of the most original anti-heroes of the horror genre and undeniably, one of the most inventive horrors franchises to date.


Ladies, never watch this. Just don’t! You’ll never recover. Antichrist is a graphic Danish horror released in 2009 and starring Wiilem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a grieving couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods where Dafoe is tormented by visions and Gainsbourg displays increasingly violent sexual and sadistic behaviour. A controversial horror flick that starts opens with the tragic death of a child and ends with a sliced off clit. I warned you . . . If we were bigger people we could look deeper and be fascinated with the psycho-analysis and the connection between grieving and sex and all that, but . . . she cut it off!!! Charlotte Gainsbourg was featured in a Debenhams-esque beauty campaign last Christmas. I couldn’t even bring myself to go into the shop . . .

Nightmare On Elm Street

Wes Craven’s 1984 slasher classic got a revamp in 2010 with Jackie Earle Haley taking on the role made famous by Robert Englund; Freddy Krueger, the murdered child molester, who wrecks revenge on the children of Elm Street in the one place that their parents can’t protect them, their dreams. Ever the anti-hipster I am, I preferred the 2010 version (despite it being a flop) more than the original (mostly because I think there’s no better actor than Jackie Earle Haley). I love his outfit, his weapon of choice and I liked the brief suggestion that he was, in fact, not a paedophile but a victim, before his true nature was confirmed; stroking the cheek of a girl with his knife-finger while saying, “You were my favourite” . . .*shudder*

Hard Candy

Strangers shouldn’t talk to little girls . . . One of the most controversial movies of our time stars Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page and sparked heated debate when it was released in 2005.  The Hollywood equivalent of The Paedophile Hunter has Page as the unexpectedvigilante out for revenge on men with a penchant for young girls . . . like watching Lolita if Lolita had fought back! An edge-of-your-seat thriller which shocked us with what happens when the predator is NOT the person you expected . . .

The Human Centipede 2

The Human Centipede is notorious as one of the most gruesome, graphic horrors ever imagined, but people are generally missing a trick. By some weird twist of fate, I saw the sequel before the first instalment, and ended up giggling through the original. The Human Centipede 2 deals with a disturbed man who obsesses over the first film and is hell-bent on creating his own “centipede” with 12 people, including Ashlynn Yennie, who stars in the first film. This shocking horror takes 100% medical inaccuracy and mixes it with a character creepier than anyone or thing I have ever had the misfortune to see in my nightmares. The licking of his lips while he watches the movie . . .*shudder*. The same disturbing concept as the original, but I swear it’s a whole other, better, scare! NOT for the faint-hearted!

Friday The 13th

So, you’re in the middle of a game of strip-Monopoly while a storm rages outside, and you decide it’s time for bed, which, is in another cabin. You have your raincoat with you, do you?

A) Take a second to put on your clothes and put the raincoat over it?

B) Put on your raincoat?

C) Hold the raincoat over your head and go running out into the storm?

D) Sleep in the cabin with your friends?

Friday The 13th opted for Option C. We have a half-naked woman running through the forest with a raincoat over her head. Very believable. Apparently, common sense wasn’t around in the 1980s, neither was the ability to act for some of these half-naked girls. I got as far as Kevin Bacon’s death before I got a stitch from laughing too hard and gave up with this cheesy, cliched horror.

The Shining

I have never understood the big deal with The Shining. It’s  a plot that I don’t quite follow, making it more confusing than creepy, and just one line worth tuning in for. I’d rather watch the same axe-wielding moment in Son Of Chucky. Somehow, it was more bad-ass when a doll did it . . .


OK. Considering this 2007 flick IS a black comedy horror, it was never looking to be ranked alongside Hitchcock’s Psycho or The Exorcist, but a pro-chastity teen with a vagina with teeth?! My pro-woman instinct kicks in with this movie; who wouldn’t want to bite a sleaze’s dick off when he’s trying to rape you? As the plot suggests, it makes a vital part of life difficult, but also comes in handy for our lead, Dawn (played by Jess Weixler). Undoubtedly the man’s equivalent of the aforementioned Antichrist, therefore only designed to terrify one half of the intended audience . . . in an unorthodox but funny way (for us females, at least!) 


One of the latest attempts to scare us is this James Wan-produced horror and prequel to 2013’s horror-hit, The Conjuring. BOO! Nah, I wasn’t frightened, either . . . The originality of Wan that we have come to know and love from the Saw franchise is lacking here; this film in essentially Chucky, but less-inviting as an appropriate gift for a little girl due to how overwhelmingly creepy it looks! My childhood doll was a Baby Annabelle. She cried and peed and drank her bottle. That was creepy enough, thanks; taking on the duties of a mother at 4 years old. That, my friends, IS a horror story!


This 1992 spin of the “Bloody Mary” folklore didn’t make me scream, didn’t make me jump but made me laugh . . . and half-wish that deep voice of Candyman’s would sing me to sleep. An summoned, sinister soul is a done-to-death plot and the villain (played by Tony Todd) is tremble-inducing for the wrong reasons while Virginia Madsen is the blonde “victim” whose “tall tales” of a hooked killer makes her look crazy to her nearest and dearest. The hook was miles better when JM Barrie done it. 



Gigs Guide, Glasgow : 24/10/14

Glasgow Gigs This Week

Indie-electro outfit Klaxons play 02 ABC on Monday 27th October as part of a headline tour which the band announced this week would be their last. The band released their third studio album, “Love Frequency” in June 2014, following their 2007 debut, “Myths Of The Near Future” and 2010’s “Surfing The Void”. Support comes from Gutter favourites and Glaswegian electro-rock band, Crash Club.

Former Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr plays 02 Academy this Monday (27th October). Marr is out on the road in support of his second solo album, “Playland” released earlier this month, following his debut offering, “The Messenger” in 2013

Paisley-boy, Paolo Nutini is set for a spectacular homecoming this week when he plays TWO sold-out shows at The SSE Hydro on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th October. The tour comes in support of his third album, “Caustic Love” released in April 2014; his first studio album in 6 years following 2008’s “Sunny Side Up”. The singer is fresh from picking up a gong at this week’s Q Awards 2014 for “Best Track” for single, “Iron Sky”.

Katy B is scheduled to bring her blend of dub-step and R & B to Glasgow’s 02 ABC on Tuesday (28th October). The singer released her second studio album, “Little Red” in February of this year and support comes in the form of Becky Hill; she appeared in the first season of BBC’s The Voice in 2012 and scored a number one single, “Gecko (Overdrive)” with Oliver Heldens in January 2014.

American singer/songwriter, Sheryl Crow plays The Royal Concert Hall this Tuesday (28th October). Crow is expected to perform the best bits of her back catalogue including signature songs, “All I Wanna Do”, “A Change Would Do You Good” and “If It Makes You Happy” as well as material from her 2013 album, “Feels Like Home”.

Royal Blood play a sold-out show in 02 ABC on Thursday 30th October. The duo scored a number one album with their self-titled, debut in August of this year and were one of the stand-out acts at Glastonbury this summer.

Announced This Week

Scottish rock band, Gun unveiled plans to tour in 2015 this week with a date scheduled for The Barrowlands on Saturday 28th March 2015 when they will play “Taking On The World” album in full. The band are set to play three consecutive nights at Glasgow’s King Tuts next month where they will play, in full, their albums“Taking On The World”, “Gallus” and “Swagger”, respectively.

The Charlatans have unveiled plans to release their 12th studio album in January 2015, “Modern Nature”, their first album since 2010’s “Who We Touch”. The Madchester-era band have also announced plans to tour in 2015 with two dates at Glasgow’s Barrowlands in March.

Scotland’s own, Nina Nesbitt announced plans this week to give her fans an early Christmas present with her “Christmas Acoustic Tour” this December. It concludes a successful 2014 for the singer/songwriter who scored a number one in The Scottish Charts with her debut album, “Peroxide” in March of this year and played a stellar set at The Ryder Cup Opening Gala at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro last month. Nina will play Glasgow’s Arches on Friday 5th December 2014.




Cinema Club : 24/10/2014

The Babadook

Never has children’s literature been so scary! The directorial debut from Jennifer Kent tells the terrifying tale of Amelia (played by Essie Davis) who is raising her son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman) on her own following the tragic death of her husband 6 years ago. The mysterious appearance of a pop-up book, “Mr Babadook” in Samuel’s bedroom finds the pair inadvertantly inviting a sinister guest into their home . . . “You can’t get rid of the Babadook”. The perfect scare for Halloween!

Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Disney’s adaptation of Judith Viorst’s best-selling book stars Jennifer Garner (as Mum, Kelly) and Steve Carrell (as Dad, Ben). This mad-cap family comedy is a day in the life of 11-year old, Alexander (played by Ed Oxenbould); a young kid who has misfortune on side when he starts the day with getting gum stuck in his hair, and it only gets worse . . . 

Love, Rosie

Best-selling novelist, Ceceila Ahern’s works get the silver screen treatment for the second time when, “Love, Rosie” hits cinemas this weekend; following 2007’s “P.S I Love You” starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler. Based on Ahern’s international bestseller, “Where Rainbows End”, “Love, Rosie” follows the friendship of Rosie and Alex; two childhood friends who decide to trade England for Boston to study and live together, until fate intervenes. A comedy/drama that proves you can’t plan life, and destined to be cherished by fans of Ahern’s heart-warming novel.

Catch A Classic

Highlander @ GFT, Thursday 30th October 2014, 8.15pm

1986 cult classic, “Highlander” gets an airing at The GFT this week; starring Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert, this action, fantasy film depicts age-old battles between immortals in the Scottish Highlands, accompanied by a stunning soundtrack by Queen.

Movie News

Director/Screenwriter, Adam McKay has made the day of fans of of gross, slapstick comedies everywhere when he confirmed this week that “Stepbrother 2″ IS happening. A sequel to the 2008 original was initially planned before the release of “Anchorman 2″ , but was shelved for later. McKay and “Stepbrothers” stars, Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are all keen to get the ball rolling, but Mckay has said he doesn’t want to be a Director who “runs out of ideas” and just puts out sequels, so fans may have to be VERY patient.


New Music : Out This Week (20/10/14)

Slipknot “5 : The Gray Chapter”

Slipknot release their fifth studio effort today, their first studio album since 2008’s “All Hope Is Gone” and their first without bassist, Paul Gray and drummer, Joey Jordison; Gray overdosed in May 2010 while Jordison quit the band last December. The album includes the singles, “The Negative One”, “The Devil And I” and “Custer”.

Bear’s Den “Islands”

Trio, Bear’s Den release their debut album this week. It follows their EPs, “Agape” and “Without/Within” and the country/folk band will be out on the road in February and March 2015.

Inspiral Carpets “Inspiral Carpets”

Veteran Manchester-band, Inspiral Carpets release their fifth, self-titled album today, their first since 1994’s “Devil Hopping”. It includes the single, “You’re So Good For Me”. The band will be out on tour later this year, including a gig at Glasgow’s 02 ABC in December.

Ben Howard “I Forget Where We Were”

Singer/songwriter, Ben Howard releases his highly-anticipated second studio album today, “I Forget Where We Were”. It follows his 2011 debut, “Every Kingdom”. The album includes the title track single, “I Forget Where We Were”.

Billy Idol “Kings & Queens Of The Underground”

Rebel rocker, Billy Idol makes a triumphant return with his seventh studio album today. It’s his first studio effort for almost a decade following 2005’s “Devil’s Playground”. It includes the single, “Can’t Break Me Down”.


Cinema Club : 17/10/2014

New Releases

The Judge

Robert Downey Jr stars as Hank Palmer; a big-city lawyer who returns to his childhood home in rural Indiana for his mother’s funeral, where he not only rediscovers the place in which he spent his adolescence, but also his estranged father (played by Robert Duvall), a courtroom judge who has made justice his life’s mission. Both Hank’s personal life and professionalism are tested when his father is accused of murder. One part homecoming joy, one part courtroom thriller, The Judge has the right balance of emotion and excitement.

The Best Of Me

From the best-selling author of “The Notebook” and “Dear John” comes a romantic drama starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan. The film charts the relationship between Amanda and Dawson; high-school sweethearts who meet up in their home-town 20 years later.


Brad Pitt gives what has been dubbed a “career defining performance” as Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier. Set during the end of WWII , Wardaddy and his men are outnumbered in their attempts to defeat the Nazis. Fury shows the harsh reality of war through a stellar cast and story. Shia LaBeouf co-stars.

Movie News

Neil Patrick Harris is set to replace Ellen DeGeneres as the host of the 2015 Oscars. After what has been an extremely eventful year for the actor; the (controversial) finale of How I Met Your Mother and his gripping performance in Gone Girl, securing the role of Oscar host is something the actor has always aspired to do, even ticking it off his bucket list when it was confirmed. Harris may even find himself receiving an award as part of the Gone Girl cast.

Gig Guide, Glasgow : 17/10/14

Glasgow Gigs This Week

Bury Tomorrow will performing at Glasgow’s Garage on Sunday (19th October). The five-piece from Southampton’s tour follows the release of album, “Runes” earlier this year which reached number one in the official UK Rock Chart.

American pop sensation, Lady GaGa will be also be in Glasgow on Sunday, making an appearance at the SSE Hydro. Last month GaGa’s fifth studio album “Cheek To Cheek” was released; a collaboration between herself and legendary crooner, Tony Bennett. It debuted at the top spot of the US Billboard Chart making this her fifth consecutive number one album.

The O2 ABC will play host to old-school rockers, The Boomtown Rats next week. Forming in 1977The Rats had a very successful 8 year career as a band before splitting up. However, last year the band reformed and announced they would embark on UK And Ireland Tour, following the release of a Greatest Hits compilation. They play in Glasgow on Monday (20th October).

On Thursday (24th October) Glasgow’s Cathouse Rock Club will see American metal-core band, The World Alive take to the stage. This summer saw the band release their third album “Real” which, in an interview prior to its release, frontman, Telle Smith said it would contain “the heaviest songs that the band have ever produced”.

Announced This Week

Chuck Ragan has announced that he’ll be coming to Scotland to play at Edinburgh’s The Caves next year. As well as being a member of the band, Hot Water MusicRagan has a successful solo career with latest solo album “Till Midnight” being released this year.

Neil Diamond will be coming to Glasgow’s SSE Hydro next summer on July 7th 2015. With a career that started in the 1960’sthe American singer/songwriter is one of the biggest selling artists of all time. With an amazing 30 studio albums to his name, Diamond is undoubtedly a music icon who music reasonates with all ages.

Slipknot will be taking to the stage at the SSE Hydro on 25th January 2015 as part of their forthcoming World Tour. Throughout their colourful career, the band have caused controversy over their masked image and lyrics, but this has not stopped the band making music with new album “5: The Grey Chapter” set to be released this month.

Former Oasis guitarist and “Madchester” legend, Noel Gallagher unveiled forthcoming single, “The Heat Of The Moment” and details of his second solo album, “Chasing The Sun”, scheduled for release in March 2015. And, if that wasn’t enough, Noel and his High Flying Birds will be out on the road in early 2015; Noel will be at The SSE Hydro on 7th March 2015.


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