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It’s Not Dynasty, But It Sure Is Dramatic

Recent fashion grad at Kingston University, Alicia Duncan-Smith, is making waves with a collection inspired by her mother, wife of Tory cabinet minister Iain Duncan-Smith. Austere and powerful, the padded shoulders and masculine silhouettes she has produced are a dramatic contrast to the whimsical romance of the Spring/Summer 2011 collections we have all become used […]

Cheap Art!

Love or hate the weekly we ALL pick up on Weds like good little ink junkies to pass the time at our hipster watering holes, there’s one thing that pretty much everyone agrees on. The photographers rock. Hard.

Thus begins Charm City Fashion Show week!

All this week, we’ll be previewing Saturday’s Charm City Fashion Show at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. We’ll be giving away two tix the sure to be sold out event. Now in it’s third year, CCFS is quickly THE event on the city’s fashion calendar.

Nice Nails Baby

One dubious question which goes forever unanswered is, what can I do to reinvent myself now? This usually comes after a cluster of piercings are allocated to the upper ear and enough random swallows are etched onto equally random body parts. Unfortunately we don’t come from a society where natural beauty is warranted or even […]

Hannah Marshall’s Strict Machine

You cannot blame the general British public, or even London’s dedicated followers of fashion if they are not totally up-to-date with all the emerging designers, and that’s just in the UK, because look overseas and you’ll be thrown into a frenzy of classics, vintage and of course the new talent. How do we decide who […]

Designers Behaving Badly

John Galliano has been fired from his position as Creative Director of global fashion house, Christian Dior. In a statement released by Sidney Toledano, Dior’s President and Chief Executive Officer said “I condemn most firmly the statements made by John Galliano which are in total contradiction with the essential values that have always been defended by […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective