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Henry Saiz on Balance 019

The latest in the Balance compilation series features the talents of young Spanish producer and DJ Henry Saiz, who has put together a double CD with tracks aimed at the dancefloor as well as the head. Featuring many of his own productions, he’s shied away from making a conventional DJ mix and the result is […]

Electric State with Ryan Elliot

If bouncing between the four walls of a small East London loft/basement is your thing, you might want to check out Electric State this Bank Holiday Sunday, brought to you by Electric Minds and nofitstate (get it?) with Ryan Elliot, Dolan Bergin and Geddes. You may know Dolan Bergin from his Electric Minds label and […]

5 Years of Leftroom with Seth Troxler

2011 is the year of the anniversary. Carl Craig’s Planet E Communications turned 20, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour has just finished celebrating its first decade, the Secretsundaze party crew is about to turn 10 and now Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom is 5, and will be commemorating its milestone with a world tour and soon-to-be-released compilation. Leftroom […]

nofitstate with Roman Flugel, Geddes and Bad Passion Project

With success there comes a hefty price, and mulletover can hardly claim to be an “underground” rave anymore, however rather than attempt a U-turn in the fashion of Secretsundaze (who last year ground all promotion to a halt in a bid to get back to their roots) founder Geddes decided to create a new party […]

On music monday, You’ll have a shake with those French fries!

If there’s one No Rule party that you can’t miss it’s tnght.

10 Minutes with Hercules and Love Affair

When Hercules and Love Affair released their debut album in 2008, Andy Butler’s transformation of Antony Hegarty into a club diva on lead single ‘Blind’ was a stroke of genius, and the subsequent Frankie Knuckles remix reverberated on dancefloors for the best part of a year. Many wondered how he would follow up this triumph […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective