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Monday Music News

Wow. New Gaga, new DJ Excel AND No Rule tnght. It’s a Music Monday indeed.

Dolly Gaga

Since bursting onto the mainstream pop scene in 2009, Lady Gaga has fast become one of the most exciting and talented pop idols of our generation. No.1s, shock frocks, controversial videos, countless awards…Gaga has done it all while remaining original and relevant. Unpredictable, admired, replicated and inspiring, Gaga has influenced millions of ‘little monsters’ throughout […]

Shock frocks, odd couples and bad romance

Leaving 2009 behind and entering 2010 marked a new decade in music. Could the new era and beyond excel what had been before? Could it really get bigger and better, or would it all get very, very ugly? Pop’s greatest gals had a fantastic year in terms of No.1s with Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective