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Cinema Club : 19/12/2014

New Releases

Dumb And Dumber To

For fans of side-splitting stupidity, the wait is OVER! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels return in the long-awaited sequel to 1994’s “Dumb And Dumber” this weekend. Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are back in yet another hair-brained scheme; in need of a new kidney and having recently discovered that he fathered a daughter with former flame, Fraida Felcher (played by Kathleen Turner), the dim-witted pair go in search of her. However, it doesn’t look set to be plain sailing; while Harry is keen to meet the daughter he never knew he had, Lloyd is in love with her!

Night At The Museum : Secret Of The Tomb

Ben Stiller returns as museum guard, Larry Daley in the third instalment of this fantastic family fantasy series. Having discovered the secret of New York’s American Museum Of Natural History in the original movie, Larry must know travel to London to find out how to fix the Egyptian stone tablet that provides the power that allows the exhibits to spring to life at night. Accompanying him to the UK is old favourites, Roman centurion, Octavious (played by Steve Coogan), Old West cowboy, Jebediah (Owen Wilson), Attila The Hun (Patrick Gallagher) and Teddy Roosevelt (played by the late, great Robin Williams). This hysterical, madcap comedy is a must for fans of the first two movies, and sees the introduction of “Bridesmaids” Rebel Wilson as a security who can’t quite believe what is going on!

Special Screenings

Elf @ Cineworld (Renfrew Street), Tuesday 23rd December 2014

Another chance to see Will Ferrell as Buddy; a human raised as an elf in The North Pole, who comes to New York in search if his real father and his true purpose in life. Zooey Deschanel co-stars.

Movie News

The BIG movie news of this week has undoubtedly been the controversy surrounding forthcoming film, “The Interview”, which stars James Franco as a celebrity journalist and his producer (played by Seth Rogen) who secure an interview with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, but are instructed to assassinate him by The CIA. Sony Pictures announced earlier this week that the movie would not be released amid terror threats, a decision which was criticised by actor,  George Clooney and US President, Barack Obama. However, Sony Pictures claimed earlier today “we have not given in” and are looking for “a different platform” to release the movie after cinemas across the globe pulled out of showing the controversial comedy.


MTV EMAs : 10 Greatest Performances

Are you ready Glasgow?

The MTV EMAs 2014 kick off tonight at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro for the very first time with rap-diva, Nicki Minaj at the helm. 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the awards ceremony and will feature live performances from Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, Royal Blood, Alicia Keys and U2.

Celebrate with us as we look back at some of the most memorable live EMA performances to date; keep it here for giant disco balls, a homage to Rocky, motorcycles and giant cherry chapsticks!

Madonna “Hung Up”

Queen Of Pop, Madonna brought disco fever to Lisbon in 2005 when she performed the ABBA-infused, lead single of her album, “Confessions On A Dancefloor” live for the first time, complete with thigh high boots and purple disco pants!

Amy Winehouse “Back To Black”

The late, great Amy Winehouse reminded us why we fell in love with her sultry, sassy style when she performed her signature song, “Back To Black” in 2007 when The EMAs hit Munich, Germany.

U2 “Mofo”

U2 paid tribute to Rocky with their MTV EMA performance in 1997 in Rotterdam. Introduced by actor, Dennis Hopper, Bono donned a boxing gown to open the show with single, “Mofo” from their album, “Pop”.

Christina Aguilera “Dirrty”

Stripper-esque songstress, Christina Aguilera got down ‘n’ dirrty when she performed at the 2002 EMAs in Barcelona. Clad in black leather, Aguilera roared onto the stage on a motorcycle. The singer went on to host the awards the following year in Edinburgh.

Beyonce “Sweet Dreams”

Queen Bey put in one of the most memorable EMA performance in 2009 in Berlin. Her live performance of hit single, “Sweet Dreams” from her “I Am . . . Sasha Fierce” album was sizzling, but not as sizzling as her red-hot outfit!

Eminem “Like Toy Soldiers”/”Just Lose It”

Rap bad-boy, Eminem stole the 2004 show in Rome with a mash-up of his hits, “Like Toy Soldiers” and “Just Lose It”

Spice Girls “Spice Up Your Life”

In 1997, the pop-world belonged to five girls. “Spice Up Your Life” brought the house down in Rotterdam when Scary, Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Posh took to the stage and proved the Girl Power ruled the world (in the 90s, at least).

Rihanna “Only Girl In The World”

Pop princess, Rihanna may not be the only girl in the world, but at the 2010 EMAs in Madrid, she WAS the only girl we were all watching when she performed her smash-hit, taken from the album, “Loud”. With her fiery red hair, tiara and floral skirt, she was a treat for the eyes and the ears.

The Killers “Human”

The Killers put on a big-budget production of signature song, “Human” in 2008 in Liverpool. The Las Vegas band brought a little razzle dazzle to the EMA stage when they performed in individual boxes and ad-libbed a little Echo & The Bunnymen.

Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl”

California girl and then-new chick on the block, Katy Perry had just recently shot to international fame thanks to her pop anthem, “I Kissed A Girl” when she hosted The MTV EMAs in 2008. Never one to do things half-heartedly, Perry appeared on-stage wearing American football get-up “riding”a giant cherry chapstick, surrounded by zesty, teen cheerleaders . . .

New Music : Out This Week (27/10/14)

Taylor Swift “1989”

Tennessee’s Taylor Swift has shed her country-tinged pop for a sassy new sound and returns today with her fifth studio album, “1989”. It follows her hugely successful fourth studio effort, “Red” which spawned hit singles, “I Knew You Were Trouble” and the annoyingly catchy, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. “1989” includes the infectious, “Shake It Off”.

Black Veil Brides “Black Veil Brides IV”

American rock-metal band, Black Veil Brides release their fourth studio album, “Black Veil Brides IV” this week. The album features the single, “Heart Of Fire”, which was released last month. The band are known for their black make-up and leather get-up, heavily influence by Kiss and Motley Crue. “Black Veil Brides IV” follows 2013’s “Wretched & Divine : The Story Of The Wild Ones”.

Mallory Knox “Asymmetry”

Cambridge-born band, Mallory Knox release their second studio album, “Asymmetry”, the follow up to their 2013 debut, “Signals”. The album includes, “Ghost In The Mirror” and “Shout At The Moon” and was produced by Gil Norton, known for his work with Foo Fighters and You Me At Six.

Annie Lennox “Nostalgia”

Scottish songstress, Annie Lennox releases “Nostalgia” this week; a collection of her favourite songs. “Nostalgia” is Lennox’s first studio album release in 4 years following 2010’s Christmas cover album, “A Christmas Cornucopia” and her third album of cover versions. The album includes her version of, “I Put A Spell On You” and “Summertime”.

The Ting Tings “Super Critical”

Mancunian duo, The Ting Tings return to the forefront this week with their third studio album, “Super Critical”. The band shot to fame in 2008 with the release of their infectious debut, “We Started Nothing” and signature song, “That’s Not My Name”. 2010 brought a slump for the pair before second studio effort, “Sounds From Nowheresville” in 2012. “Super Critical” includes single, “Wrong Club”.

The Twilight Sad “Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave”

Scottish indie outfit, The Twilight Sad release their fourth studio album today; it’s their first studio effort since 2012’s “No One Can Ever Know” and includes the single, “Last January”.

Live Review : The View, 02 Academy, Glasgow (18/12/13)

En route to the venue after crossing the bridge down from Jamaica Street, I encounter more than a few pairs or young gents who had been, I assume, politely asked to leave the venue after apparently “…just drinking a pint man!”. Their pleas and complaints fall on deaf ears however, as I am mentally otherwise engaged, looking to get to the Academy as soon as possible. These also come amongst oddly frequent requests for directions to either the nearest bank machine or bookies.

Having missed a couple of tunes, I interrupt “Tragic Magic” on arrival sounding as tight as always, time signature change and all. The content of the set is slightly unusual, with some tracks that rarely receive an airing; oddly this includes “The Don”. Odd in the sense that although, it doesn’t make sense to complain or not expect variation in a set from a band with five studio albums as one of their best tracks it should be included more often than not. It is in fact so rarely played that it may well have been the ‘surprise’ the band had promised the fans who would be in attendance but a few hours earlier on Facebook.

The band flutter between the old and the new with Kyle taking to the keys for a solo rendition of “Tacky Tattoo” and then “Face For The Radio” joined by the rest of the band for the latter as arguably the sing-along of the night. Kieran notes afterward “Aww he’s bonnie isn’t he?” Then the older tracks of “Skag Trendy”, “Wasted Little Djs” and the double tempo “Wasteland” followed by the far newer “Kill Kyle”, “How Long” and “Sour Little Sweetie”, the last of which lacks attack.

An extension of the old/new theme can be made to the crowd as well this evening. As well as the aforementioned youngsters are a large portion of presumably well seasoned gig veterans. The range out tonight includes mid-thirties couples following the band from the first record to older gentlemen who wouldn’t look all that out of place at a UK Subs gig. The younger ones are revivalists also in a sense wearing the Harrington jackets and Dr. Martens worn by their parents and uncles. It’s very much full circle in a sense.

They end with some of the hits in the trademark punky style which accounts for a lot of the generation bridging their music does, still musical and melodic but played with a ferocity and accessibility as many of the bands they are influenced by. “Superstar Tradesman” unites all groups in a sing along to rival “Face For The Radio” earlier. Also with the semi-inaudible “Sunday” played late on in the set the band finish strongly. Kieran thanks the fans for showing up on a Wednesday night but if this evening’s gig is anything to go by, the boys could play Glasgow on the 32nd of December and the place would be full.

Jeff Carey [3:30]

In a world where auto-tune and over production are industry standard it is refreshing when something comes out that is so polar opposite. Though the cue was taken from today’s pop music in the durations set for these noise masterpieces, these compositions are a far cry away from JT’s “Cry Me A River”. Jeff Carey‘s [3:30] album was released this past Monday on Forwind by way of CD and Download formats. I had listened to the teaser stream and the bonus track entitled “ffmod” posted back in September over and over and over again. But, nothing would have prepared me for what was contained within the sonic chambers of the full [3:30] experience.

This 6 song symphony of sound juxtaposed with chaos and long stills of almost nothing starts the only way I’d expect it to. The first track “Ballast” comes in with murderous hits, cracks, and drills. It’s hard to put into words exactly what you are listening to. And, that’s what I love about Mr. Carey’s tracks. But, somehow Jeff has forged a signature sound. I have been listening to noise for awhile now. I haven’t hear anything quite like it.

[3:30] as a full body of work is not just a digitally distorted camero with the gas pedal to the floor going through a time warp. It is dynamic and almost peaceful at times. With tracks like “Phosphor” and “Node” where you find yourself lost in an ambient sound scape of breathed gesters and things off in the distance. I admire Jeff’s way of knowing when to hold back or be minimal in his approach while yet still having some sort of rage you can’t quite pinpoint but you know it’s there and you can feel it and it’s about to burst and you like it.

I have seen Jeff live countless times. I got a chance to see him at one of his most recent performances at Club K where he performed a few of these new tracks live. Being a drummer for over 15 years I tend to latch onto the rhythm of any song I hear. Even in noise I somehow subconsciously makeup a beat I bop my head up and down to. I noticed that I didn’t have to magically make an esoteric drum section for Jeff’s performance. It was already there.  Tracks like “1001” make you feel as a drummer or drum machine is being forced through a grinder with a distortion pedal in the chain.

It’s a very purifying experience listening to Jeff Carey‘s works on [3:30]. It’s not for everyone.. But, it sure is hell for noise enthusiasts like me. But, hey.. If you’ve never listened to a “noise” artist before or haven’t gotten down with that scene. Try it out. You might just like this one.

Jeff has his album release party this evening at The Red Room (Normals Books & Records ~ 425 E. 31st Street Baltimore) with: Seaton XOXO, Christopher S. FeltnerGuillermo Pizarro, and Justin Marc Lloyd. Check out the Event Page for more details!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five

Click here to read Bonnie from the beginning!

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