If you’ve seen animals and stern looking men papered to walls around the city, you’ve seen the work of Bmore artist Gaia. He’s put up his signature works in neighborhoods from here to NYC. We caught up with him about his new commissioned work around the city.

“I am calling this series Legacy and it is a very basic attempt to reinscribe the figures who have shaped our landscape back onto the surface of their legacy, the infrastructure and policies that we have inherited and must navigate,” he said.

Robert Moses was commissioned by the city of Baltimore to oversee the planning of the Franklin St expressway, otherwise known as Route 40, which passes through the primarily black West Baltimore. The quote reads “… Some of the slum areas through which the Franklin Expressway passes are a disgrace to the community, and the more of them that are wiped out the healthier Baltimore will be in the long run” 1944

The quote reads:“Flight of the medium and upper income families from the city limits and the replacement by persons of both races of the lowest income levels is a threat not only to our municipal solvency but to the economic stability of the entire metropolitan area,” James Wilson Rouse (April 26, 1914 – April 9, 1996), founder of The Rouse Company, was a pioneering American real estate developer, urban planner, civic activist, and later, free enterprise-based philanthropist.

The third installment of the Legacy project, James Rouse is imposed with his own words back onto one of his first development projects in Waverly, Baltimore. Built in 1957, the Waverly development was one of the very first Urban Renewal sites in the United States. Housing stock designated as slum land was cleared for around 300 units and a small shopping center and was originally reserved for white families only.

Here’s a peek at the Waverly work:

Waverly Development from Gaia on Vimeo.

Gaia will be contributing his thoughts on Street Art to Gutter in the coming months. Watch this space. Until then, get acquainted with Bmore’s seminal street artist HERE