Baltimore’s dancing queen, that’s Zna (Zee-Na) Queene to you, and her DJ/Collaborator Mad Max make up the duo Lazerbitch. They will be premiering their new video, Twilight directed by Brian Morrison, on Dec. 8 at the Get Down. We’re pretty excited over here. Though Queene and Max do not get much love, unfairly, from the local rags or from a some club promoters, they have the ability to pack a house.

Having been on set while most of the video was shot, we’re super curious as the to final product. Morrison is a capable video director who directed the pair’s first vid, Coquette. We hear that he’s also collab’ing with  Claire Hux on their vid premier.

He’s also directed The Cheaters’ kickass Blow My Mind vid.

Here’s the detail kids. Have fun. We know we will!