It’s going to be a TIGHT weekend for fans of local music.

Tnght, our boyz @ PedX in Fells are hosting a listening party for our hip-hop writer, Ullnevanohiphop‘s, Color Brown Mix tape. The party will also include DJs Harvey Dent, Face, Teddy King and Tom Delay.

04-UllNevaNo – Fast Enough

07-UllNevaNo – That Means

On Sat night, Dope Body, Double Dagger and Orphan are going to TEAR up Golden West in Hampden with a Round Robin event/launch party.

DOPE BODY by Dope Body

02 Bully by Dope Body

09 Gawk by Dope Body

The Round Robin kicks off at midnight! Don’t miss this!

Golden West Cafe

1105 W 36th St.