It can be tempting to label NY brother duo French Horn Rebellion as one of the lesser bands of their crop, the crop being danceable electro pop led by the likes of Phoenix/Friendly Fires/first album MGMT. The fact that elder brother David Perlick-Molinari produced MGMT’s debut EP doesn’t help steer them away from such comparisons.

However on The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion there are enough moments to establish them as having something worthy to contribute of their own right. ‘The Body Electric’ and ‘Up All Night’ are the most dancefloor-friendly of the 14 tracks on offer, with the latter feeling like an instant classic, combining well calculated synth riffs with a joyous energy akin to Metronomy’s ‘Thing for Me’. ‘This Moment’, on the other hand, has a 70s disco influence that reminds one of the early Noughties sounds of Modjo or Moloko.

It is admirable that FHR have focussed on making their album a coherent work rather than a collection of tracks ready for adoption by DJs, although the downside is that some tracks become forgettable when listened to on their own. ‘Antarctica/The Decision’ serves as an interlude at the halfway point, but at over 4 minutes gets slightly tiresome by the end, while the creatively named ‘Geomancer’s Compass and Other Quasi-Scientific Findings’ fails to live up to its enticing promise.

With their experience as producers, ‘The Infinite Music…’ is full of well executed ideas and polished sounds, but to truly break into the mainstream FHR need a few more immediate pop tunes. It may pain them to leave more tracks on the cutting floor, but alas in the digital age the public is short on patience and spoilt for musical choice.

The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion is out now on Once Upon a Time Records.

Watch Up All Night here