thanks to Juxton over at Beatbots for the image…even though we stole it.

Yes.  Denise Whiting’s trademarking the word Hon is the best thing to happen to Baltimore. Words like “Hon” and “Balwmer” are old words for old people and with her move to copyright the word “hon” Whiting is thankfully keeping it that way.

Her “investment”, which would require people to pay here for public use of the word, will force local creative execs/graphic designers/photographers/journalists etc… to come up with another symbol for the city other that the (cop-out) annoying, beehive hair white women of Baltimore. Thankfully, foreign writers will have to find a new angle and our art scene may finally rise above “oh, you’re that city with the ‘hon’ ladies.” No more “Hon” City Paper covers, no more “Hon” Sun stories and no more “Hon” ads on buses etc.

Granted, recently our music scene has hit the international scene hard, but even respected publications like The Guardian and the NYT can’t help mentioning and running a photo of Whiting’s army of faux blue collar freaks. No more though.

The “Hon” is a boomer symbol from the boomer era and we could care less. They had Barry Levinson, we have Matt Porterfield. They had do-wop bullshit, we have Future Islands.   This is our time now. Personally, we wish the whole white “Charm City” image of crabs etc.. would go away too. We need to update how we see ourselves. We are no longer a city of white factory workers going to Oriole games. A recent music video, called…“Charm City” sums this up. It’s essentially a whitewashed tour of some ideal city that’s frozen in the 50s. Think we’re kidding? The only black people in the video are the limo driver and an archived shot of Ray Lewis. Although we did love that the director Brian Morrison, who also directed both dope Lazerbitch videos, to fit the old dude with a  Benny Stixx shirt. Stixx and his label Bmore Original,  have found a way to incorporate  old city symbols with the new demographic. It can be done.

Is Bmore a rough city? Sure. Does it have something to offer creative types? Fuck yes. Cheap working spaces, new theaters, new skate shops, graf art, killer music, street fashion boutiques and kick ass parties are a part of the new Bmore that’s getting a worldwide rep.  Not an army of “old” ladies in zany sunglasses. Let them go to the great stoop cleaning land in the sky.

Now that she owns the rights to the word, it will get out that you have to go through her to use it, causing typically lazy journalists to look elsewhere for contacts and story ideas which would in turn an create emerging new image of the city.

So let her have her word, her stickers, her image, her “restaurant” and her festival. Pretty soon, Whiting and her ilk will be relegated to section of the Maryland Historical Society with the plaque: “A quaint symbol of Baltimore that died out in 2010.”

Good riddance.