Parisian resident Koudlam is relatively unknown on these shores, but a pre-Christmas show at the Camp in Shoreditch serves to promote his new single out at the end of January. Taking to the stage in shades and an oversized blazer, with a head of tousled hair to boot, Koudlam looks every inch the street poet. In interviews he is not shy to ascribe grand, abstract phrases to his music, and his set tonight is undeniably well-crafted. He starts with slower tracks that are grounded in nature, such as David Byrne’s Last Emperor-influenced ‘Eagles of Africa’ and ‘Brother’, which sounds like the beginnings of a tribal ceremony.

As the set goes on Koudlam demonstrates an impressive depth to his sound; we started with the nature of Africa and America, now we are abruptly taken into the bustle of the city, and Euro electro and house-tinged songs get the crowd jerking their bodies along. The most well received track is the future single ‘See You All’, a slice of 80s pop which could have been re-imagined by Animal Collective, helpfully backed up by a clip of Russian football hooligans. It seems tonight we have witnessed France’s answer to M.I.A.

Watch the video for ‘Brother’ here

See You All is out on 24th of January on Pan European Recording.