While walking along the snowy canals of Amsterdam, we stumbled into this exciting little store.

The Young Designers United.  Located along Keizersgracht, YDU sells the work of Holland’s young and up and coming fashionistas. Founder Angelika Groenendijk-Wasylewski, traveled around the world before she settled down in Amsterdam. During her trips she developed a passion for different cultures and their accompanying fashion. In the many countries she visited, Angelika met young designers who all experienced the same problem: the struggle to break through with their own fashion label is almost impossible. In Amsterdam Angelika Groenendijk – Wasylewski found the ideal location to realize her dream: with YDU she combines her commercial background with her passion for fashion.

The work is professional and extremely wearable. The store get new arrivals regularly and also features accessory designers as well.

We picked a few for you to peep at :


“By combining classic tailoring, exquisite detail and no-nonsense approach – mixed with an individual quirkiness – Barbara van der Zanden creates a confident, bold collection for YDU.”


“It is an idea…Dauphine is not a fashion brand but an idea established in 2009 aspiring to carve an urn into the fortification of the fashion industry. Transforming concepts into clothing the garments are based on precise elements. Elements that will suggest the future of the brand and its creations: full grown researched products with style and matchless details.”-YDU


“Feminine and sophisticated design, Ellen Benders dresses are a mixture of the classical Audrey Hepburn dress and her own Sunday dresses from when she was a child. She loves the pure simplicity and has a strong attraction to her childhood. Ellen calls this “My own happy-go-lucky-nature..”-YDU