It’s dark in the smoking room of Coffeeshop Andersom in Utrecht, Netherlands. There’s two rooms, one is mostly for reading it seems and the other is blasting Rolling Stones hits which slit eyed customers mumble and sing to themselves through a blue haze of second-hand hash smoke. Everyone knows the words.

We found if you’re in Holland to partake of Cannabis sativa, it’s best to do what most weed seeking tourists would never think of. Get the fuck out of Amsterdam..We did and were much happier for it. It’s cheaper to smoke, non touristy (trans: no douchbaggy fellow tourists)  and the cities outside Amsterdam are pretty nice to look at too.

For  mere (about) $20, you can get the train from Amsterdam Central to a smaller town like Utrecht, where we went. It’s less than a half-an-hour from the capital city.

When you get there, Utrecht that is, take the from the station to downtown. There are about a dozen “coffeeshops” in the city’s center. The one we chose was the Coffeeshop Andersom (correct SP) whose proprietor, “Jan” was very helpful in choosing a type that was right for us.

We chose to try two types of pre-rolled (you can always buy at about 3EU a gram, about $2.50, to roll your own) joints; the Katama and the Mix.

The mix was literally a blend of hash and MJ. We tried the Katama first, which was mellow with almost no bite. We sat back and enjoyed it with a strong espresso. One thing we liked about this coffeeshop was that although it’s a BIT more touristy with kitschy things on the wall etc.. the people there were kind and easy to talk to. Except the dude who was zoned out watching a Discovery Channel program on manta rays.

The Mix (brand X, heh) was a killa right from the start. We felt a nice buzz almost from the get go. As Americans used to sub-par weed, these were like drinking a good micro brew as opposed to a Miller Lite. This was the better of the two by far.

We also noticed that locals’ like cutting their weed with tobacco from a ciggy, which we also tried, but found it much too harsh to deal. Don’t forget that smokes in Europe usually have a cheaper tobacco.

Two pre-rolled joints and a coffee came to about $10. Nice huh?

In the end, it was a great way to experience a Dutch city other than Amsterdam.

Things to do in Utrecht!