We cannot believe the bounds Bmore has made since by the end of the Decade. We’ve had a TV show that shot our name round the world and a music scene that garnered international acclaim in publications like The Guardian, i-D Magazine and Rolling Stone.

As the new decade kicks off, we’ve rounded up the people, music and collectives you should keep your eye on in the coming year.

Shine Creative:

Since closing their boutique in Hampden in 2009, the people behind Shine Collective re-emerged as boutique and studio for fashion films under the name Shine Creative. The collective members founders Melissa and Matt Kirby, producer Jamie Campbell and  her husband,  filmmaker Dru Bynum are in danger of subjecting the city to REAL fashion and fashion photography as evinced by the recent cover of Style Magazine. The city’s somewhat backward fashion scene (compared to other East Coast cities) may be getting a much needed shot in the arm thanks to Shine’s blog as well. We can’t wait to see what they come up with in the coming year.

Latico Leathers Lookbook 2 Fall 2010 from drury bynum on Vimeo.


Despite being snubbed by the local music/media clique, the electrodance duo Lazerbitch (DJ Mad Max AKA Maxwell Houston and singer Zna.Queene AKA Libby Picken) soldiered on to become one of the hottest club acts in the city. In 2009, full disclosure, Zna.Queene played our Glitter Ball,  have had sold out shows at the Hippo including NYE 2010, been featured on music sites like Reverb Nation and are the first group in Bmore (as far as we know) that have a free iPhone app. Local radio stations like 92Q, who played the DJ Booman remix of “Twilight”,  Z104.3 and 98 Rock have also featured the group. Even 100.7 in NYC picked up “High School Shootout” for rotation. On top of several packed performances, the duo came out with two kick ass music videos by local auteur Brian Morrison.

Like other Bmore musicians (see below), the LB crew bypass the local media by hitting Twitter and FB which have helped get their music out there. Hopefully in 2011, they will head to DC then onto NYC. Mark our words, when they get big OUTSIDE of Bmore, the local media will suddenly take notice.

Which leads us to ….director Brian Morrison. Morrison seems to have, metaphorically speaking, come out of nowhere. But boy did he explode onto the scene over the past year or so. Besides the two above videos, Morrison also shot an awesome vid for the band The Cheaters and has a upcoming vid for the duo Claire Hux. Morrison’s clever eye and raw style make his vids a pleasure to watch. Someone give this dude some real $$ in 2011!

Fashion blogger Abdu Ali and his “Eat on This” blog brought the international fashion scene to Bmore last year like no other. Ali and his co-hearts Gutter fashion editor Devin Morris and friends are now sought out for hip, young parties across the city. We hope that in the coming year, Ali will be the one that dictates what’s hot and not in Bmore.

We expect big things from producer Murder Mark, TT The ArtistMike Mike and the Z.O.M.E crew. Mark was named 2010’s Best Club Music Producer by City Paper and his “You the Best” track was DJ JBVicious‘s no. 1 club track of the year. We’re eagerly awaiting his collab with TT called, “She Rockin'” which is scheduled for release this year.

Until then, check this: They Talkin’ Shit.
They Talkin Shit(Produced by Murder Mark) by AyoMurderMark1

Speaking of Bmore crews, Mania Music Group is another one to watch in the coming year. MMG (founded by Mania producers Dwayne “Headphones” Lawson and Brandon “Bealack” Lackey), artists Dapper Dan!!! Midas, Kane Mayfield and Rapman Ron G tore up the scene last year with epic battles at Always Dope nights (which used to be held at Red Maple but are now at Sticky Rice in Fells). MMG was named 2010’s Baltimore’s Best Beat Makers by City Paper which followed their 2009 Best Label by same. If anyone can take the local hip-hop scene beyond Bmore, it’s the sick beatmakers of MMG.

Mania Music Group WQFS Freestyle from obi Odumodu on Vimeo.

No other store in the city has had as much influence on the local hip-hop scene as PedX clothing. From its Bmore headquarters in Fells Point, PedX brought us the 2010 Wild Style reunion as well as introducing the game changing hip-hop party,  Always Dope. Not to mention listening parties and launch events at the recently expanded Aliceanna St. store. All this while looking fly. We can only imagine the parties planned for 2011.

2010 was the year journalism returned to the Sun. Bang-up articles by crime reporter Justin Fenton, City hall reporter Julie Scharper, political reporters Julie Bykowicz and Annie Linsky, as well as the resurrection of the Sun magazine by features editor Tim Swift, new entertainment editor Sam Sessa and crew, have all helped the Sun return to relevance. We expect some huge stories coming from these scribes in the coming year. Using Twitter, FB,  blogs and a true love of old school journalism,  these young’uns have indeed reignited the dimming paper and have helped usher in light for all.

Artscape was on the verge of serious suckage. Then HE arrived. The decision to make Jim Lucio visual arts coordinator for Artscape, was inspired and quite frankly, genius on the part of the city. Lucio, know for his polaroid snapping alter-ego Defekto, is our generation’s ringmaster of Bmore shock. Last year we saw a carnival-like midway filled with writhing freaks and geeks but also, more importantly, it was FUN again. Here’s a peek at his plans for Artscape 2011: Projects: 1982 (Charles Street Bridge), Rabbit Hole (Pearlstone Park), Protest of Approval (Lyric Park). At this point we can only guess what else is in store for Artscape.

photo thanks to Brian Baker www.soulforms.com

In 2010, if there was an art opening, chances are BMA director Doreen Bolger was there. In our memory, there hasn’t been a director of any local museum institution that has showed such immense interest in local art. Bolger’s youthful exuberance (check out her blog HERE and her FB page)  is clearly an asset to the city’s somewhat scattered art scene. After a successful Warhol exhibit in 2010 (which closes this week BTW) she’s following up with Seeing Now: Photography Since 1960 which opens next month. We can’t wait to see what else the new decade will hold under Bolger’s regime, which has almost singlehandedly made the BMA cool again.

copyright Michael Dotson

Since opening their space in the H&H building a few years ago, arts writer Alex Ebstein (who once contributed to Gutter) and her mate artist Seth Adelsberger, the city’s Westside art/gallery scene has blown up huge mostly thanks to their Nudashank gallery. The tiny space has been featured in Juxtapose and on several NY art blogs as the place to experienced emerging art in Bmore, as well as the place for  locals to take in art from hubs like Brooklyn, NY. In a city with a handful of art galleries  including the Miss Haversham of the local scene, Grimaldis Gallery, Nudashank has managed to make a major impact in a short time. They kick off their 2011 season with an innovative artist exchange, featuring the artists of Reference Gallery (Richmond, VA) Ross Iannatti, Edward Shenk, Conor Backman and
James Shaeffer.

This nurse will take care of you in 2011. Promoter Dana Murphy of Unregistered Nurse, is the next big thing in Bmore concert promotion. Mark our words. Murphy has been tirelessly booking bands like Universal Order of Armageddon, The Regents, OakThe Gift,  at Sonar, Ottobar and Golden West throughout the year. Her 2011 coup is booking cult fav Steve Ignorant who will performing Crass songs at Sonar in March. By using FB and sites like Beatbots, Murphy is exposing Bmore to all kinds of good sounds. We’ll be looking to her this year when someone asks us, “What’s up this weekend.”

Whelp, that’s our list. Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment section. It’s going to be a dope year in Bmore, trust us.