Clive Tanaka seems to like being shrouded in mystery. His website contains little other than the links to his remixes, therefore all we know is that he is a native of Hokkaido, he makes music both alone and with the help of his “orquesta” and he’s remixed the excellent Clock Opera’s ‘Once and for All’ to great effect. He also has a predilection for the unconventional – Jet Set Siempre No. 1 was released on cassette only (remember those?) last year, however next week it will also be made available to those in possession of a turntable.

He’s labelled side A ‘For Dance’, and it begins with a romp fans of Daft Punk will appreciate, ‘All Night All Right’ is clever pop with the clamour of synths and vocoder. ‘I Want You (So Bad)’ dips its toe into disco territory and even features the appearance of an electronic guitar solo. Then along comes ‘Neu Chicago’, the stellar point of the album. Imagine echoey steel drums and a spaced-out, sweet melody that seems to beckon from beneath a palm tree on a pacific island. Better still, the vocoder is abandoned in favour of an honest male vocal who tells us “that someone is me”, and for a moment it’s entirely believable.

The second side is ‘For Romance’ and begins with the suitably mellow, Balearic-sounding (yet hardly amorously titled) ‘Skinjob’. Child-like melodies and lazy breakbeats prevail on side B; there are tinkering synths and quasi-cinematic orchestral arrangements on ‘International Heartbreaker’ and the album closes with the hopeful “you’re not the only one” refrain hazily repeated throughout the reverie that is ‘Lonely for the High Scrapers’. Keep your ears peeled for Mr Tanaka in 2011.

Jet Set Siempre No. 1 is out on vinyl on 10th of January on Tall Corn.

Watch the video for Neu Chicago