Incredible as it may seem, NYE was already a week ago and we’ve suddenly slid straight into the dreary pit that is January, the month of overdrafts, pointless resolutions and winter gloom. The four weeks that loom ahead seem all the more dull given the stark contrast between the hedonistic party season and this inevitably austere period.  It’s a terrible comedown, but it was worth every minute.

Clubbing on New Year’s Eve is a gamble every year. Pubs and bars charge £30 for sipping lukewarm beer while listening to an indie band member attempt to DJ. Nightclubs are rammed and full of the sort of people you normally wouldn’t want to share a dancefloor with. Warm/Phonica’s NYE party at The CAMP seemed to offer salvation in the form of Gerd Jansen, Move D, Mathew Jonson and a live set from Âme. The floor didn’t really start to fill up till after the stroke of midnight and Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ started to play; shortly after Âme’s Frank played a trippy, semi-hypnotic live set that lasted just over an hour and led everyone gently into the reverie of a new year.

Meanwhile the mammoth Eastern Electrics shindig was taking place at The Arches with Seth Troxler and Damian Lazarus. The afterparty promised great things and more from Lazarus, however Hidden only managed to summon 20 people at its busiest. By 10am it looked unlikely that things would improve or that the man himself would bother to turn up, so the punters resorted to getting high in the courtyard and discussing holidays abroad.

More successful was Love Fever at the wonderfully intricate The Nest in Dalston. Neon signs and posters advertising lap dances and strip shows hung above cubby holes tempting adventure, while Love Fever’s now familiar red hearts were dotted all around. The dancefloor was packed with good looking dancers, smiling revellers and large helium balloons which incurred the wrath of one partygoer who, fed up with having them thrust in his face decided to burst them by setting them alight. Despite this comedy, Trus’me and Wbeeza kept things very upbeat and Move D reappeared, pulling out the same reworking of ‘All This Love That I’m Giving’ he’d played the previous night. Motor City Drum Ensemble continued the soulful vibe with an excellent selection of house records, made all the more impressive considering the Stuttgart native is only 25.

By the time daylight started to appear on the 2nd, a motley yet very happy crew started arriving at Jaded at Cable. Less busy than perhaps expected, Alex Vieira and Maya Jane Coles proved they are ones to watch in 2011 as they supplied a funked-up techno soundtrack to a merry dancer wrapped in an orange sheet and a group of boys who had cut a hole in a football and added a straw, transforming it into a makeshift semi-exotic vessel for their Stella.

There may have been few events happening on Sunday evening, however those that were still going strong seemed to have turned up en masse to Horsemeat Disco at the Eagle in Vauxhall. After an hour-long wait to get in there was very little space for manoeuvring once inside, as a multitude of gay boys whipped of their tops to the sound of Ashley Beadle pumping out early house and disco.

Balloon explosions, up and coming talent, exciting new love nests and disco dancing ensure there will never be a moment to be bored or blasé in 2011.  The bright days of spring are just around the corner after all.