After reading the Bmore Sun’s interview/announcement yesterday that musical “Power Broker” and Wham City co-founder Dan Deacon was going to score the next Francis Ford Coppola film, Twixt Now and Sunrise, got us thinking about other musician composed scores. Which were the best/worst? Well after wracking our brains we came up with a list we think is pretty nifty.

Remember, a score is not a soundtrack necessarily. Soundtrack can be an anthology of songs by various artists, an EXCELLENT example of this is The Crow, but a score means that the overall music was composed specifically for a film.

Here yah go. Have at it.  And feel free to add to the list.


As scores from musicians go, the 70s Blaxploitation owned. Also, Rza’s Ghost Dog score blows us away every time.


Yes. We added Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy score. It’s not so “bad” but it’s pretty meh coming from the electro pioneers. It could have been SO much stronger. We also think that the Alan Parson Project’s Ladyhawke is the worst score of all time. Just sayin’