Justin Nabbs is being touted as one to watch in 2011, after news of his DJ spots at Watergate and a plethora of other lesser-known Berlin haunts created a buzz in his native New Zealand last year.  This is his dancefloor-oriented debut release on Exone, the label owned by Berlin-based duo Exercise One. No mistaking where his sensibilities lie then.

The EP opens with ‘Knife Fight’, a track that pitches tight drumming against cosmic-inspired shimmering synths. Where ‘Knife Fight’ is deep and sexy, second track ‘Pillow Fight’ is slightly more monotonous, however its rippling, acid-tinged synths will keep your feet tapping to the beat. Exercise One update ‘Knife Fight’ with mini-crescendos of twinkly bleeps underpinned by a raspy bassline drone. Trippy yet utterly danceable, this EP hints at great things to come.

Listen to the EP here

Exone 06 is out on January 25th on Exone.