Photo by ToMa

What do Brad Pitt, Bootsy Collins and Anastasia have in common?

Well, eyewear thankfully, rather than a zany charity fundraising record. Among FUNK‘s several collections is FUNK Food, with specs that have ingeniously been named things like Sirloin Raw and Fish and Chips. They won’t bankrupt you either – according to founder Mr. Dieter Funk, a pair of Food eyeglasses will only set you back the cost of 8,5 glasses of Prosecco in a Munich bar, that’s just 18 portions of fish ‘n’ chips to Londoners.

FUNK  have been producing kooky frames in Germany for a lengthy 18 years, however now they’re also on sale at Chelsea’s Auerbach & Steele, Covent Garden’s McClintock, Stoke Newington’s Askew Eyewear and Greenwich Eye Studio.